[Explanation] In life, most citizens may want to "sell it" for the disposal of waste household appliances.

However, in the process of selling, these appliances are not convenient for citizens to carry, and there is no unified market standard.

At the same time, waste household appliances, as renewable resources, are not handled properly, which will also cause problems such as waste of resources and environmental pollution.

  Recently, a reporter from China News Agency learned from Lanzhou Renewable Resource Recycling Company, a company directly affiliated to Lanzhou Supply and Marketing Cooperative, that the company "tailor-made" a waste home appliance recycling program for citizens, and sent a "recycling brother" to door-to-door service, and the follow-up company passed professional treatment. "turn waste into treasure".

The reporter will show you how these waste household appliances glow with the "second spring" together with the recycling brother.

  [Same period] Master Liu, the door-to-door service staff of Lanzhou Renewable Resource Recovery Company

  We received a list issued by the unit to us, the list has the customer's name, phone number, address.

We will call the customer in advance, check with the customer (check) the scheduled arrival time, and then go to his house to collect the waste from his house.

  [Explanation] For large appliances, the recycling brother, Master Liu, first contacted the customer and informed the customer that he was about to come to the door.

The specific details have already been finalized through the online platform. There are unified standards for when, what items to sell, and how much the price is, and there is no need for the public to worry.

There are also unified specifications for the supervision and management of the recycling brothers and how to deal with waste home appliances afterwards.

  [Same period] Master Liu, the door-to-door service staff of Lanzhou Renewable Resource Recovery Company

  Now we have arrived at the customer's community, come to recycle his washing machine, and follow me.

Find it, 704.

  [Explanation] After getting off the elevator, the customer has already opened the door and waited.

According to the process, Master Liu confirms the recovered items, asks the customer to sign the form, and informs the customer to check the information on the sale of the sale amount on the online platform in time.

Ms. Dang, a client, admitted that such a service has provided her with a lot of convenience and is more environmentally friendly.

  [Concurrent] Ms. Lanzhou Citizen Party

  I also passed the 12345 (hotline) platform (contact), I asked how much to charge, they said 60 yuan, I said yes.

Give them a recycling (resource) recycling company, unlike the outside vendors who collect (waste) and let you move down.

The same goes for environmental protection. For example, other people burn it after collecting it.

(Compared to that) I think it's better to turn waste into treasure.

  [Explanation] When the recycling guys are working, citizens continue to come forward to inquire about recycling services.

  [Same period] Master Liu, the door-to-door service staff of Lanzhou Renewable Resource Recovery Company

  That is, we temporarily pull the old washing machines to the car, and then put them in our warehouse for temporary storage.

Then pull to the waste electronics (recycling factory) that we specialize in dismantling (used home appliances).

  [Explanation] After the expatriate work was completed, Wang Wei, an employee of Lanzhou Renewable Resources Recycling Company, introduced to reporters that all relevant information of this single business can be viewed on the company's system and mobile platform.

  [Concurrent] Wang Wei, employee of Lanzhou Renewable Resource Recovery Company

  At the end of the customer's feedback, there are also our door-to-door time, appointment time, order completion time, and the delivery time of our residual value (amount).

This software supports (view).

  [Explanation] Next, this washing machine and other used home appliances will be sent to the dismantling factory from the warehouse.

Zhang Tiejun, deputy manager of Lanzhou Renewable Resources Recovery Company, introduced to reporters.

These household appliances are broken, decomposed and separated through the production line, and become the production materials that can be used continuously.

  [Concurrent] Zhang Tiejun, deputy manager of Lanzhou Renewable Resources Recovery Company

  The plastic shell becomes plastic particles, and the iron-containing part becomes iron lumps and iron lumps.

These are collected again for reprocessing and reuse.

For every ton of scrap iron and steel recovered, 800 to 850 kilograms of finished steel can be smelted, saving 3.5 tons of iron ore, reducing the mining volume by 20 tons, and saving 1 ton of standard coal.

Reduce air pollution by 86% and water pollution by 75%.

  [Explanation] In this way, recyclables, regardless of their value, should be collected and handled reasonably.

Help citizens to jointly maintain the environment around them.

The recycling of renewable resources can effectively reduce the exploitation of original industrial materials, and also play an important role in protecting the ecological environment and achieving the goals of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality.

  Wei Yujia Jiumei Tenzeng reported from Lanzhou, Gansu

Responsible editor: [Ji Xiang]