Egypt... Referring the papers of Naira Ashraf's killer to the Mufti

An overwhelming joy witnessed in the corridors of the Mansoura Criminal Court in Egypt, from the family of Naira Ashraf, after the court announced, a short time ago, that the papers of Muhammad Adel, accused of killing Naira Ashraf, a student at Mansoura University, were referred to the Mufti, to take the legal opinion on his execution.

A state of joy prevailed in front of the court’s headquarters, after hearing the verdict, which was headed by Counselor Bahaa El-Din Al-Marri;

President of Mansoura Criminal Court, Fourth Circuit, after the statements of the accused were heard in the first session, and the pleading of the prosecution and defense in the second session.

According to a number of local newspapers.

The Public Prosecution had decided to refer the accused to the Criminal Court, and the Public Prosecution had decided to transfer the accused to the Criminal Court, and stated that he had deliberately killed his victim.

 In its investigations, the Public Prosecution confirmed that the accused resolved to kill her in retaliation for her refusal to associate with him and the failure of his multiple attempts to compel her to do so. With her, and determined intent to kill and hid a knife between the folds of his clothes and followed her until she arrived in front of the university and then stabbed her behind her with several stabs, then attacked her after the girl fell to the ground, then slaughtered her neck intent on taking her life, causing her the injuries described in the anatomical report that claimed her life. According to "Cairo 24".

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