A young woman in her twenties suffers from bullying because of her beard hair

A young woman in her twenties suffers from bullying because of her profuse beard hair, as she suffers from excessive hair growth disease, and Morgan Coleman was harassed during her teenage years and tried in more than one way to hide her facial hair, but now after 15 years of hiding her natural face, she has now decided to face the world in this way The stranger and defying bullying, according to the British newspaper, "Daily Star".

The 26-year-old, who was bullied throughout her teenage years, finally feels free after ditching the razor and embracing her natural beauty by letting her beard hair grow.

Morgan Coleman began noticing hair on her cheeks, chin, and neck when she was eleven years old, and spent her childhood and teenage years trying to hide the hair due to severe bullying.

The bullying damaged her self-confidence to the point that Morgan tried everything she could to remove the hair, including permanent removal through electrolysis, all of which failed.

Morgan says doctors ignored her concerns until she started having menstrual problems and went to her GP for medical help in 2019, and was finally diagnosed with excessive hair growth and PCOS in January 2021.

Now the 20-year-old has decided to accept her look after more than 15 years in hiding due to fear of bullying.

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