China News Service, June 28. According to the website of the Guangdong Health and Health Commission, from 0-24:00 on June 27, 1 new local confirmed case and 4 asymptomatic infections were added in Guangdong Province, all of which were reported in Shenzhen.

There are 8 newly discharged cases in the province (all imported from abroad), and 91 cases are currently in the hospital (82 imported from abroad); 16 new cases of asymptomatic infections released from medical observation (all imported from abroad) are still under medical observation asymptomatic 187 cases were infected (164 cases imported from abroad).

  Guangdong Province reported 4 new imported confirmed cases, Guangzhou reported 3 cases from the United States, Canada and Kenya, and Foshan reported 1 case from Vietnam.

26 new cases of asymptomatic infections were imported from abroad, 7 cases were reported in Guangzhou, 2 cases were from Sri Lanka, and the remaining 5 cases were from Hong Kong, China, the Netherlands, Kenya, Congo (Kinshasa) and Uganda; 9 cases were reported in Shenzhen, and 4 cases were from Hong Kong, China , the remaining 5 cases were from Cambodia, the Philippines, South Africa, Congo (DRC) and Papua New Guinea; Foshan reported 9 cases, 3 cases were from Singapore, 3 cases were from South Korea, and the remaining 3 cases were from Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia; Zhongshan reported 1 For example, from Hong Kong, China.

  As of 24:00 on June 27, Guangdong Province has reported a total of 15,921 positive cases of new coronary pneumonia (10,423 imported from abroad), including 7,436 confirmed cases (4,032 imported from abroad) and 8,485 asymptomatic infections (6,391 imported from abroad). ).