The showrunners of Stranger Things, the Duffer brothers, admitted that they edited some episodes of the project secretly from the audience.

They noted that they did it "George Lucas style" as the Star Wars author repeatedly edited his films years after the premiere.

"People don't know, but we also 'geeorgelooked' some stuff," Matt Duffer admitted in an interview.

“I’m glad that through our efforts, “George Lucas” has become a verb.”

When asked what specific episodes were changed, the brothers did not answer, but Ross Duffer made it clear that Stranger Things fans can find differences if they review the first seasons on DVD or Blu-Ray and compare them with the episodes on Netflix - there they are already updated.

The directors revealed that they also plan to change Will's date of birth to close a plot hole in the fourth season.

To do this, they will remake the episode of the second season, in which Joyce tells the story about the birthday of the hero - from it it becomes clear that the holiday was March 22.

Duffers plan to change the date to May 22 so that there is no strong discrepancy between the picture and the voice acting.

The reason for this decision was that the fans of the tape began to express their frustration after watching the second episode of the fourth season.

In the story, Will goes to the roller skating rink with friends who have a date.

He feels like a third wheel, his friends ignore him, and all this happens on March 22.

The audience noticed that this season is already unfavorable for the hero, and everyone forgot about his birthday.

At the same time, fans believed that such a sentimental plot was intentional.

But the Duffer brothers admitted that they completely forgot about this detail.

“The honest answer here is, of course, that, like the characters on the show, we also forgot about Will’s birthday,” said Matt Duffer sincerely.

At the same time, the writers do not want fans to suspect them of hostility towards Will.

They apologized to the viewers and promised that they would be more careful in the future and try not to forget the dates of birth of the other characters.

In addition, Ross Duffer admitted that he and his brother have already made some changes related to visual effects in the fourth season.

“Netflix... I don't think they've ever allowed anyone to tweak anything in terms of premiere week or even premiere weekend.

And we asked: “Why, actually?”.

He says, "Well, we're nervous about that."

And we're like, "Well, maybe this time we'll try after all."

And in the end it turned out well,” said Ross Duffer.

By the way, fans of the series were not particularly happy with the news that errors would be corrected in the tape.

One of the Twitter users believes that Will's date of birth should not be corrected - such a turn benefited the character.

"No, leave it!!!

This adds depth to his character, and it turns out that Will is so overlooked by everyone that they even forgot about his birthday !!! 

Another blogger takes the same view and notes that there is nothing wrong with mistakes and there is no need to fix them after the series has aired.

“Why not leave it as it is?

I think it's a fluke, how much Will is ignored.

And I also do not understand the need to change something after the premiere.

Well, there was an error, and what happens, ”the author writes.

Several people note that it is not necessary to remount something - you can deal with the problem much easier.

“Wouldn't it be easier to just change the date on the camera footage?

That is, in the fourth season, there is no longer any evidence that everything happens in March, right? ”One of the users asks.

“Yeah, they literally could just change it even to March 24 or something, that is, anyway, in spring break, just make a different day,” says another author.

However, there are those who approved the filmmakers' decision.

Some of the viewers noted that the change is quite reasonable, and “making it is not “Georgelooks”, it is more like removing a glass of Starbucks from the Game of Thrones series.

One of the users of the Reddit site recalled that the authors of Stranger Things had already made changes to the first season, and another suggested that the filmmakers change the scene of Kali's first appearance - "she has a tattoo backwards."

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On Friday, July 1, the premiere of the second part of the fourth season of the series will take place.

Earlier, a trailer for the sequel appeared on the network, in which you can see hints of intriguing plot twists. 

In the season one finale, the viewer learns that Vecna ​​is Henry Creel, a boy from the 1950s who became the first test subject in the same government experiment as Eleven, and Nancy is still in the Upside Down.

From the trailer for the second part, it became clear that Nancy was able to survive.

Eleven attempts to return to her friends, but Brenner tells her that her friends and she are not ready for this battle, adding that "Hawkins will fall".

At the end of the video, the viewer sees Eleven, first before the explosion in the desert, and then inside Creel's house, where she uses her powers - probably in some kind of battle.

In an interview with Empire magazine, the showrunners of the project, the Duffer Brothers, revealed details about the finale.

According to them, in the last episode "there will be more special effects than in the entire third season."

The directors clarified that from the entire episode, viewers will have an hour of continuous tension and fear. 

Actor Joseph Quinn, who plays Eddie, in a conversation with The Guardian also intrigued fans of the tape, saying that the ending is a real "carnage".

It is known that the fourth season is significantly different from all previous ones both in tone and level of fear, and in the duration of the episodes.

According to Variety, only two episodes are expected in the second part, one of which will last two and a half hours.

According to showrunners Matt and Ross Duffer, due to the specific structure of the series, they were unable to split it up, so they decided to release it as such and call it a "megaepisode".

Each of the unusually long episodes cost at least $30 million to produce.

The fourth season will not be the last in Stranger Things history.

As previously reported, Ross and Matt Duffer plan to end the series at number five.

According to one of the producers of the project Matthew Tunnel, despite the fact that the date of the premiere of the fifth season is still unknown, the Duffer brothers are thinking about a spin-off - they already have an idea.

It is very different from the original series and will surprise fans.

The series started in 2016.

Matt and Ross Duffer originally wanted to do a remake of Stephen King's It, but changed their minds and filmed Stranger Things.

Therefore, the project has many references to the writer and his works - for example, the logo of the series resembles the font that was used on the original editions of King in the 1980s ("Kujo", "Christina").

The released episodes of the series are available on the Russian platforms of Netflix and

Also, the series can be downloaded on Rutracker and other similar resources.