• Two educators take a group of out-of-school teenagers on a cruise, but the journey becomes complicated between adults and young people in this good-natured comedy.

  • “La Traversée” by Varante Soudjian advocates respect with as much humor as benevolence.

Taking a group of out-of-school teenagers to sail a fortnight on the Mediterranean is not easy.

That's what

La Traversée

, a comedy by Varante Soudjian, tells us.

Educators embodied by Audrey Pirault and Lucien Jean-Baptiste pay the price.

“We force the line a little for the pleasure of making people laugh, explains the latter to

20 Minutes


But what the film describes corresponds to a reality.


Things are not always easy between the young people, their instructors and the captain of the boat, a somewhat xenophobic former policeman played by Alban Ivanov.

“I liked the generous side of the scenario, insists Lucien Jean-Baptiste.

I find it important to show that things can often work out when we take the trouble to talk to each other.

This comedy celebrates the power of dialogue.


A wave of kindness

Improvised workshops, squabbles, shenanigans and other small arrangements are invited on board by both adults and young people and it's often hard.

"The film shows the weariness of certain educators worn out by difficulties, like the one I play, and the sacred fire that animates others, such as the character played by Audrey Pirault", explains Lucien Jean-Baptiste.

These maritime adventures don't angel anyone but make everyone endearing with a real dose of generosity.

“The benevolence of the whole is what attracted me to this project, recognizes the actor.

Varante Soudjian and his co-screenwriter Thomas Pone have chosen the right ingredients to reflect on today's society without being aggressive in their approach.


A change of scenery that makes you smile

This good-natured side seduces the spectator who becomes attached to very human heroes in their weaknesses as well as in their strengths.

“Nobody becomes a virtuoso violinist, nor has rhetoric at the end of the film, says Lucien Jean-Baptiste.

We're talking about people just like everyone else, trying to do their best and learning to respect each other along the way.

Everyone will return to port more mature and more respectful.


La Traversée

is above all intended to make people smile and fulfills this mission without losing focus.

"The social side should not make us forget the cinematographic qualities of a film which is made to be seen all together in a cinema", insists Lucien Jean-Baptiste.

We take real pleasure in embarking with him on a journey rich in gags and adventures that smack of camaraderie.

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