Yunnan Meteorological Observatory upgraded the blue rainstorm warning to the yellow rainstorm warning at 16:30 on June 27, 2022: In the past 12 hours, more than 50 mm of rainfall has occurred in the west of Dehong and northern Zhaotong, and it is expected to rain in the west of Dehong in the next 12 hours. It will continue, and there will be heavy rains in northern Baoshan, northern Nujiang, Qujing, northern Kunming, northern Chuxiong, Lijiang, western Lincang, and southern Honghe River.

Relevant units and personnel are requested to make precautionary preparations.

  From 20:00 on June 27 to 20:00 on June 28, landslides are expected to occur in parts of northern Diqing Prefecture, southeastern Lijiang City, northwestern Nujiang Prefecture, northwestern, western, and eastern Dehong Prefecture, and southwestern Honghe Prefecture. The risk of debris flow is high; northern and northeastern Qujing City, most of Lijiang City, northern, northwestern, southern, and eastern Diqing Prefecture, northern Dali Prefecture, northwestern and southern Nujiang Prefecture, southwestern Baoshan City, and northwestern Dehong Prefecture , west, east, southwest of Lincang City, southwest and east of Pu'er City, southwest of Honghe Prefecture, northeast of Chuxiong Prefecture, and local areas of northern Kunming City, the risk of landslides and debris flows is high.

  Defense Guide:

  1. The government and relevant departments shall make preparations for rainstorm prevention according to their duties;

  2. Schools and kindergartens take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of students and young children;

  3. Do a good job in urban drainage, pay attention to road water accumulation and traffic congestion, check the drainage system of farmland and fish ponds, and prepare for drainage;

  4. Pay attention to prevent possible disasters such as flash floods, landslides, and mudslides.

  (Headquarters reporter Chen Jian)

  Responsible editor: Wang Hexiang