Louise Bernard, with Alexis Patri 11:17 a.m., June 27, 2022

In 2011, the farmer Jean-Claude Joly had amused and moved the viewers of the show "L'Amour est dans le pré", to the point of becoming one of the best-known faces of the rural dating show of M6.

He was found hanged in his barn on the night of Friday to Saturday, on his farm located in Normandy.

His humor and outspokenness seduced the viewers of

L'Amour est dans le pré


According to information from our colleagues from the

Courrier Cauchois

, the farmer and former candidate for the M6 ​​show Jean-Claude Joly was found dead on his farm on the night of Friday to Saturday, hanged in his stable.

He stood out in 2011 during his appearance on the M6 ​​show, both for his joie de vivre and for his romance with Maud.

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"My Jean-Claude, words fail me, but not my tears"

Since the filming of the show, the Norman Jean-Claude lived with Maud, who had become his wife.

They had a daughter together, named Charlotte, born a few years after their participation in season 6 of

Love is in the meadow


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The news saddened Karine Le Marchand, host of the show in season 5. "My Jean-Claude, words fail me, but not my tears. Thank you for giving me so much joy and affection at each of our reunion. You have chosen to say stop, so rest in peace. My thoughts are with Maud and your little Charlotte", she wrote in a message shared on her Instagram account.