Actors Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin will become parents.

Son Ye-jin directly shared the news of her pregnancy on her SNS on the 27th, saying, "Today, I would like to share a cautious and happy news. A new life has come to us."

She continued, "I'm still terrified, but I'm living day by day because of the changes in my body amid worry and excitement." She added, "I will protect the precious life that has come to us."

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Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin developed into lovers while filming 'Crash Landing on You' in 2019.

The two officially admitted their relationship in January of last year, and they got married after a year and three months.

The news of the pregnancy came out after 3 months of marriage.

As both of them are in their 40s, congratulatory messages are pouring in on their early pregnancy.

Son Ye-jin is said to be concentrating on prenatal education.

-The following is the full text of Son Ye-jin's

post- How are you all doing?

I'm doing well ^^

Today I'd like to deliver a cautious and happy news~

A new life has come to us.. I'm

still confused, but I'm living day by day feeling the changes in my body amidst my worries and excitement~ I'm

so grateful But I was so careful that I haven't been able to tell the people around me yet.

To the fans and those around us who will be waiting for this news as much as us, we deliver the news before it's too late.

We will protect the precious lives that have come to us. I hope that you all take care of the things you need to protect in your life and stay healthy. Be


(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kim Ji-hye)