The first auction of the cherry "Aomori Heartbeat", which Aomori Prefecture has been selling for three years with the aim of branding, was held, and the price was 40,000 yen per grain, which was the highest ever.

The cherry "Aomori Heartbeat", which Aomori Prefecture is aiming to brand, is especially excellent in color gloss among the "Juno Heart" developed as a new variety, and has a grain size larger than a 500-yen coin, acidity, and sweetness. It is a feature.

The first auction of this year was held in Hachinohe City on the 25th, and 11 boxes including "Aomori Heartbeat" containing 15 tablets per box were put up for auction.

As a result, the highest bid was 600,000 yen, which is 150,000 yen higher than last year, and the highest bid was 40,000 yen per grain.

On the other hand, the first bid for 39 boxes of general "Juno Heart" was also held, and it was sold for 150,000 to 15,000 yen.

Kyoko Nagatsuka, president of a wholesale company that bid off "Aomori Heartbeat" at the highest price, said, "I want Juno Heart and Aomori Heartbeat to become more popular."

Hideki Tome, one of the producers, said, "Among the varieties that actually crack due to the effects of low temperatures, Juno Heart has ripened smoothly. I want to share it. "

The winning bid cherries will be sold at department stores and greengrocers such as Tokyo and Osaka.