As the rainy season front is activated again, heavy rain is expected in the central part of this week, so you should prepare well.

Currently, it is raining lightly in some Gyeonggi, Gangwon, and southern regions. Until today (28th), there are many places south of Chungcheong that show a calm state, but from this morning, the rain will get stronger again centered in the metropolitan area and Gangwon. There is a possibility that a heavy rain warning has been issued for some Gyeonggi and northern Gangwon.

Heavy rain of up to 250mm in the metropolitan area and inland of Gangwon is expected by tomorrow, up to 150mm in Chungcheong, and up to 70mm in other regions.

The lowest temperature in the morning will be around 25 degrees Celsius in some places across the country, and the highest temperature during the day will be Seoul 25 degrees Celsius.

Heavy rains are expected throughout the week in the central region.

(Meteorological Caster Lim Eun-jin)