In the long history, the emperor was the helmsman who dominated the prosperity of the dynasty. For everyone, apart from their political career, the hobbies and troubles of their ordinary people were rarely mentioned.

Recently, the historical documentary "Monologues of Kings" was launched on Tencent Video. Based on historical facts, the "interesting souls" of five individual emperors were analyzed in the form of first-person short films.

  Yangzi Evening News/Ziniu News reporter Kong Xiaoping

  The reporter saw that the documentary "The Monologue of the King" has 6 episodes, each about 40 minutes. In addition to Li Cunxu in the first episode, there are also father and son Sima Rui, Yang Guang, Zhu Youji and Zhu Houzhao. Since its broadcast, it has caused a lot of enthusiasm among netizens. Some netizens even commented on the emperors mentioned in the play.

Some netizens joked that Sima Rui, the emperor of Jin Yuan, the founding king of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, his son may be more famous than him. The sentence "Looking up to see the sun, but not Chang'an" made the ministers in the south of the clothing shed tears without realizing it.

  This time, there is a father and son emperor in "Monologue of a King". His father, Ming Xiaozong, Zhu Youji, has only one wife in his life. If a feudal emperor can do this, it is definitely true love, and Zhu Youji is also "the first person to invent the toothbrush in the world." One person", he invented the toothbrush also for his wife.

In politics, he also made great efforts to govern, reuse the virtuous, build water conservancy, and maintain unity.

  However, his son, Ming Wuzong Zhu Houzhao, "forgives me for being unruly and indulging in love and freedom in this life." Have fun in it.

Some netizens said, "He is a Ming Dynasty veteran who just wants freedom and happiness."

  The reporter noticed that the painting style of "The King's Monologue" is very unique. Unlike previous historical documentaries, there is no narration, and the perspective is also very interesting and novel. That is, a "second space" has been established. The audience and netizens started chatting and interacting.

  In this way, the emperor in the play seems to live in two parallel spaces, and they are both the narrator and the protagonist of the story.

For example, in the second episode, Zhu Houzhao announced his withdrawal from the court because he did not want to hear the minister continue to talk.

The next second, he came to a room, looked at the camera, looked at the audience and said, "These courtiers always use that set of ancestral rules to restrain me, I'm not a father, what are the rules, and what do they have to do with me? "…

  Many netizens said that this form is particularly Internet-based, and there is a feeling of chatting with Mai, and listening to the emperor's complaints and complaints is also very exciting.

  Zhi Hengyi, the producer and the person in charge of Da Neng Culture, told reporters that the original intention of the filming of "The Monologue of the King" was very simple. I hope that this perspective can bring some fresh feelings to lovers of historical documentaries.