Beware of the "Phone Calling" Scam These Anti-Fraud Methods Need to Keep in Mind

  Guangzhou Daily News (all media reporters Zhang Lu, Wang Chuhan) "I have received a call from overseas, and the other party claimed to be a transfer officer and said that I was a close contact person." Ms. Tang, a citizen, said that she had not been to what the other party said. I felt it was a scam call, so I hung up.

Ms. Tang mentioned that the other party also claimed that her personal information was fraudulently used, and they needed to transfer the phone to the police to report the situation. "It may be the core part of the real fraud: setting out the account number and password. Everyone must pay attention to screening the real swindlers and liars." Ms. Tang reminded.

  So how to prevent the "flow call" scam from overseas calls?

The reporter noticed that the Tianhe police had reminded that the traffic calls were basically local mobile phone numbers or landlines, and could never be overseas calls.

  The police reminded that the transfer call will never ask for a bank account number, and it will never ask for a transfer.

Citizens should also pay attention to the fact that the streaming call will let you do nucleic acid as soon as possible, but will never sell products, let you download any apps, and will not let you turn on screen sharing.