China News Service, Shenyang, June 25 (Yu Haiyang Xie Yuzhe) Shenyang Symphony Orchestra's "Salute to Heroes and 2022 Music Season Opening Concert" was successfully held at the Shengjing Grand Theater in Shenyang on the evening of June 24, presenting a concert to the audience. A magnificent musical feast.

  The concert was played by Bian Sicong, deputy head and permanent conductor of the Shenyang Symphony Orchestra, and played by the famous pianist Yuan Jie.

The concert opened with "Ode to the Forbidden City in Shenyang", which is the first original symphony work commissioned by the Shenyang Symphony Orchestra in its history. It is also an important work in which composer Cui Bingyuan dedicated the serial number of the first symphony to his hometown of Liaoning.

As the repertoire of Shenyang Symphony Orchestra, this piece gives full play to the rich and colorful performance diversity of the symphony.

The second piece is the piano concerto "Yellow River", which is adapted and developed from the main melody of Xian Xinghai's "Yellow River Cantata".

In the creation, the expression technique of the Western classical piano concerto is used, and the traditional Chinese style is reflected in the musical structure. It is written in the form of a title suite.

  In the second half of the concert, the symphony "Epic Westward Migration" was played. The piece is divided into four movements, an introduction and an ending. It was composed by the composer Tao Chengzhi, showing the heroic feat of Xibo people's military frontiers—the westward migration.

The structure of the music is rigorous and meticulous. On the basis of inheriting the tradition of national folk music, the music style gives the symphony a new musical context and new expression, which is unique and novel.

The symphony depicts the arduous natural environment on the "Western Migration" journey from different sides and perspectives, and expresses the profound emotional world and broad patriotism of the people of Xibo.

  Shenyang is the birthplace of conductor Seiji Ozawa and the hometown of pianist Lang Lang. It has a rich cultural heritage and is accelerating the pace of building an international metropolis.

Shenyang Symphony Orchestra will also live up to expectations, go further and further on the road of professionalization, and explore a glorious path for the sustainable development of Chinese private symphony orchestras.