China News Service, Handan, June 25th (Wang Tian translated Duan Chenxi) In Handan, Hebei in midsummer, every evening, the rippling Fuyang River is lined with greenery, birds chirping and flowers fragrant, and it has become a good place for many citizens to take a walk and enjoy the cool air. .

  "In the past, the smell of the water in the Fuyang River was so stinky that I didn't dare to open the windows all year round." Zhang Yunping, who lives on the banks of the Fuyang River, said that with the continuous improvement of the Fuyang River and its tributaries in the past two years, "the surrounding environment of the river has changed. Every day gets better, and I can hear all kinds of birds chirping outside the window again."

  The Fuyang River originating from Fengfeng Mining Area in Handan City has a total length of 184 kilometers. It flows through 9 districts and counties including Congtai District, Jinan New District, and Quzhou County in the city, and finally joins the Haihe River. It is the "mother river" of Handan.

Historically, the Fuyang River has a wide water surface and developed shipping, and is the main shipping line from Handan to Tianjin.

  However, with economic and social development and rapid population growth, a large amount of domestic waste and industrial waste water was once directly discharged into the river, resulting in serious silting of the river channel and serious damage to the flood drainage and drainage function of the river channel. Threats to the safety of life and property of coastal residents.

The picture shows the Fuyang River after treatment.

Photo by Yu Shan

  In order to improve the local ecological environment, restore and enhance the flood discharge capacity of the riverbed during the flood season, in February 2020, Handan City established the Fuyang River Whole Area Ecological Restoration Leading Group to carry out environmental renovation and restoration of the watershed along the Fuyang River.

Among them, the 11.2-kilometer river course in Congtai District, the main urban area of ​​Handan City, has become the focus of governance.

  "Due to the long-term disrepair, the river channel in the Congtai section of the Fuyang River is blocked, and the river bottom is seriously silted. The actual flow capacity is only 20m3/s." said Mao Wenbin, secretary of the party group and director of the Congtai District Water Conservancy Bureau, in order to restore the landscape along the river With the goal of "water access, water storage, and ecological water replenishment", the area has completed 2.15 million cubic meters of river dredging and excavation through measures such as dredging and dredging, and the bottom width of the river has been widened from the original 12-15 meters to 28 meters. m-43 meters, the width of the estuary is widened from 20-30 meters to 70-85 meters, which effectively increases the ecological water supply and water supply area of ​​the river, and the shape of the river is gradually restored.

  "After two years of continuous repair and treatment, the current flow rate is 102-289m3/s, and the function of flood drainage and drainage has been greatly enhanced. It has become a flood control barrier in the northern part of the main urban area of ​​Handan City." Mao Wenbin said.

  At the same time, in order to reshape the landscape of the "Mother River", Congtai District has carefully created nine ecological nodes, including Congtai Waterfall, Fuyang Silhouette, Impression Suri, Willow Bank Wenying, etc., and planted local suitable trees such as rose, crape myrtle, and dianthus 260. There are more than 840,000 square meters of green area.

  "The Fuyang River is no longer the rubbish piles of the past." Chen Yanbing, a local citizen, said with emotion.

  According to the Handan Water Conservancy Bureau, after two years of restoration, the restoration of the flood section of the Fuyang River has been completed for 167.5 kilometers, with 235.8 kilometers of greening on both sides of the river, and the Fuyang River National Wetland Park in the Fengfeng Mining Area has been built along the Fuyang River Basin. , Yongnian District Yongnianwa National Wetland Park and other 9 river and lake scenic belts, reproduce the former grand scene of Fuyang River.