China News Service, Tianjin, June 25th (Sun Lingling and Lin Hongxing) Recently, in order to celebrate my country's 17th Cultural and Natural Heritage Day, "Youth change with age, skills and memories last forever - the fourth national intangible cultural heritage representative. The series of activities of "Sex Heirs Recording Work Achievements Exhibition Month and Work Retrospective Exhibition" kicked off at Nankai University.

The event includes two parts, offline exhibition and online screening, and will last until August 30.

  The 115 documentaries screened online are outstanding achievements selected from 872 national-level intangible cultural heritage representative inheritor records work projects, of which 20 are released for the first time.

  The online screening has 15 themes in four units, including "Stories of the Ancients", "Love in Music and Dance", "Ingenuity and Beauty", and "Heaven and Harmony". The three-dimensional representation of national intangible cultural heritage is displayed through the practice of the inheritor project, inheritance teaching and oral history. The life experience and skill level of the inheritors show the beauty of intangible cultural heritage and the unremitting efforts of intangible cultural heritage protection workers.

Teachers and students can access the online screening link and watch the excellent intangible cultural heritage review documentaries through the WeChat public account of Nankai University Library.

  The offline exhibition is displayed on the fifth floor of the Shaw Hall of Nankai University Library.

The exhibition systematically displays the work history and outstanding achievements of the record work of the representative inheritors of the national intangible cultural heritage through chapters such as "Understanding Intangible Cultural Heritage", "Why Recording" and "Prospect".

Years fade away, skills and memories last forever—the 4th National Intangible Cultural Heritage Representative Inheritors Recorded Work Achievements Exhibition Month and Work Retrospective Exhibition Offline Screening Photo courtesy of Nankai University

  "Intangible cultural heritage is a kind of cultural gene, which shapes China's cultural memory and inherits the wisdom and emotions of the ancients. In the intangible cultural heritage, I see perseverance in pursuit of life and shining cultural self-confidence." Nankai University Lai Yanxiu, a 2021 graduate student of the Faculty of Arts, said that the intangible heritage inheritors and the intangible cultural heritage skills they guard together constitute a splendid cultural scroll, which records the style and achievements of the Chinese nation.

This event also made it possible to see new ways of inheriting intangible cultural heritage in the 21st century, and new media technology can better record and protect the existing achievements.

  It is reported that this event was guided by the Department of Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, hosted by the National Library, and jointly hosted by the Nankai University Library and 181 libraries across the country.

This exhibition is one of the achievements of the "Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance on Campus in Nankai--Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture Reading Promotion Series" under the key project of the second "Century Nankai Cultural Civilization" theme activity undertaken by Nankai University Library.