Last year, the National Police Agency found that the number of people missing due to dementia or suspected dementia was about 17,600, the highest number ever.

According to the National Police Agency, a total of 17,636 people were reported last year for being missing due to dementia or suspicion of dementia, the highest number since 2012 when statistics were first collected. rice field.

In descending order by prefecture,

▽ Osaka has 1895 people

▽ Saitama has 1875 people

▽ Hyogo has 1804 people

▽ Kanagawa has 1604 people

▽ Aichi has 1542 people.

By age,

there are 9893 people over 80 years old ,

6706 people in their 70s,

913 people in their 60s

, and 114 people in their 50s.

Most of the people who were notified were confirmed to be whereabouts last year, but 236 remained unknown.

In addition, there were 450 people who were reported dead last year after being notified in the past, and there are cases where they were involved in a traffic accident or found in the mountains.

The police are working with local governments to promote early detection and protection while utilizing disaster prevention radio, etc. I want it. "