According to the unified deployment of the Municipal Leading Group for Epidemic Prevention and Control, the schedules for returning to school for primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, and the second-grade examinations and the first- and second-grade general examinations in the city are as follows:

  1. The first and second grades of senior high school, the second grade of junior high school, and the first to sixth grades of elementary school will return to school on June 27 (Monday).

  2. Kindergarten will return to the kindergarten on July 4 (Monday).

  3. The second grade exam is scheduled to be held on the morning of July 17 (Sunday).

  4. The senior year and senior year general examination plans will be adjusted to the end of September after the start of the new semester.

  For students who are still in the closed and controlled areas, control areas and home isolation, continue to study at home.

Each school will provide personalized study guidance, psychological counseling, etc. to ensure that students who have not returned to school and students who have returned to school will learn online synchronously to achieve synchronous classrooms.

  All districts and schools have implemented this, and warmly remind parents, classmates, and school staff to cooperate with the school to monitor health and complete a nucleic acid test in time today and tomorrow (June 25th and 26th). Get together, don't gather, return to school safely and healthy!

  In order to ensure the nucleic acid testing needs of students, the nucleic acid sampling points open near residential areas in the city will set up special sessions for students before 17:00-19:00 today (June 25) and 10:00 a.m. tomorrow (June 26). , in other time periods, priority will be given to ensuring student sampling.

In the process of participating in the sampling, students are asked to adhere to the "two-meter line", wear masks, do not get together, do not gather, and do personal protection.