A fellow student from Mansoura tells new details: "Oh, I am the boy who was standing watching!"

The Egyptian young man, Abdel Rahman Walid, who appeared in a video clip of the killing of the Egyptian Mansoura University student, Naira Ashraf, said through his Twitter account, "I am sorry, Naira, and may God try to catch you, and I tried to keep him away from you, and may God bear witness to me. I was standing shocked." The first time I see something like this in my life.. Iowa, I am the boy who was standing watching as you are saying now, when you watched the second part of the video, but I will say everything and I am not afraid.

Abdel Rahman explained the details of his position on the incident in response to what was written about him on social media that "he was standing "watching" at the time of the killing of the Mansoura girl. And

Abdel Rahman added in another tweet: "As I said in the department, and in university security, everything that happened exactly. I had an exam and came out of Toshka Gate at about 11, and I was out and across the road to the other side, I heard the sound of a solid shriek, I ran automatically to see what it was, and I was the first one to arrive, and I saw a sight that would never leave my mind.

And in a third tweet: “I saw the killer, Muhammad Adel Mask Naira, and she was on the ground and drowning in her blood. The one with him, and I was forced to run, it was he who went down for the second time and hit the third stab in the neck.”

He added: "After a few bright moments, she passed away. Your right will not be lost, my daughter, and by God, I swear to God, I am still in my house from the morning, but to be the reason for the return of your right. May God have mercy on you and forgive you and give patience to your family for your separation."

Death is a right upon us, and our Lord is the one who chooses who lives and who dies, and those who do well to complete in this world, and those who do best to complete in a much better place than here.. God’s mercy on you, O Naira.

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