YouTuber Léo Grasset disputes the charges.

Accused by several women of sexual and psychological violence in a long investigation published by Mediapart on Thursday, the 32-year-old science popularizer reacted at the end of the day by posting a message on social networks.

"I totally dispute the accusations relayed against me," he wrote.

"I have always been careful to respect the consent of all my partners," he continues.

Although resolutely in favor of the freedom of speech movement, I nevertheless choose to refrain from any additional comments at this stage, on the advice of my lawyers.


The testimonies of eight women

In the rest of this message, Léo Grasset affirms to be "at the entire disposal of the judicial authority if it considers it necessary to open an investigation and will seize it, if necessary, to defend myself against these allegations".

On Thursday, Mediapart put an online survey in which the testimonies of "eight women implicating him, to very different degrees, in intimate relationships or at work", we read in this article which specifies "that no complaint has not been filed to date”.

Among these accusations of sexual, psychological violence or even “toxic” behavior, a woman testifies to a rape which would have been committed in 2016 in Paris.


Youtuber Léo Grasset, alias DirtyBiology, accused of sexual and psychological violence


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