After the violent death of two Jesuits in northern Mexico, the bodies of the two religious have been found.

The fatalities have been recovered, said the governor of the state of Chihuahua, Maru Campos, on Wednesday evening in a video message published on online networks.

The bodies were therefore identified as the two Jesuit priests.

A reward equivalent to 237,000 euros has been offered for information on the whereabouts of the man who shot 79-year-old Javier Campos Morales, his 81-year-old friar Joaquín César Mora Salazar and a travel guide on Monday.

Witnesses said several armed men had taken the bodies of the two religious away in a pick-up truck.

The crime took place in a church in the village of Cerocahui, not far from the Copper Canyon, a popular tourist destination.

Mexico's head of state Andrés Manuel López Obrador said the alleged perpetrator had been identified.

He was wanted.

According to Mexican media, it is a thirty-year-old who was already wanted for the murder of a US tourist in 2018.

The death of the two Jesuits caused horror across the country.

The Mexican bishops' conference called for a "quick investigation" and more protection for church officials, since such acts of violence are not isolated cases.

Pope Francis, who himself comes from the ranks of the Jesuits, spoke of a "tragedy" and lamented the many murders in Mexico.

Mexican drug gangs smuggled routes to the United States through the mountains in the state of Chihuahua.

Religious in Mexico often try to mediate between members of organized crime and residents.

The head of the Jesuits in Mexico, Provincial Luis Gerardo Moro Madrid, citing a third minister who was at the scene, said the two Jesuits appeared to have intervened when the gunman chased a man into the church.