On June 21, the reporter walked into a "laboratory" for the production of artificial diamonds in Hefei City, Anhui Province, and visited the production process of artificial diamonds on the spot.

Artificially cultivated diamonds, also known as laboratory-grown diamonds, take a piece of natural or cultivated diamond bare stone as a "seed", and use high-purity methane, hydrogen and other gases to assist in a microwave plasma generator, in a high temperature and low pressure manner. , the formation of carbon ions, these plasmas will be like dust, little by little deposited on the "seed" diamond crystal, the seed wafer will slowly grow larger and larger layer by layer.

After the diamond "seed" grows, man-made diamonds can be cultivated through cutting, polishing and other processing processes.

In terms of chemical and physical properties, it is also a real diamond. It only takes half a month to cultivate a diamond of about 1 carat.

At present, the technology is in a leading position in the country, and the products are sold all over the country, as well as in Europe and the United States.

The picture shows the staff showing a 4-carat artificial diamond.

Photo by Han Suyuan

Release time: 2022-06-21 21:11:58 【Editor: Cao Miaoxin】