It's not even midsummer yet, but what if it's already this hot?

Yesterday (21st), the daytime high temperature in Yecheon, Gyeongbuk soared to 37.5 degrees, and Daejeon recorded the highest temperature ever recorded as of June.

The hot weather continues today.

Humidity is high here, so the sensible temperature may rise above 35 degrees.

You have to drink water frequently so that you don't get tired from the heat, and this heat will be dampened with monsoon rains falling across the country tomorrow.

There will be occasional clouds across the country today, and there will be times of strong showers of up to 50mm in a short time in the mountainous areas of Gangwon and inland in the southern part of the country during the daytime.

It's going to rain all over the country tomorrow, but starting with Jeju in the morning, it will spread to the whole country in the morning.

The amount of 20~80mm in the central and western parts of Seoul including Seoul, northern Gyeongbuk, and Honam will be quite large, and 5~40mm in other areas.

(Meteorological Caster Ahn Su-jin)