Bikers, you will soon have to renew your equipment.

The new regulations on motorcycle helmets, introducing the European standard 22.06, will come into force on July 1st.

This should lead to tighter controls and ensure more safety for users.

If our readers, interviewed this week, welcome this progress, they also believe that much remains to be done for the well-being of motorcyclists... And for that of their wallets.

"It's a development that goes in the right direction for better safety for motorcyclists", confided Eric Thiollier, member of the French Federation of Angry Motorcyclists.

Our readers agree: "The helmet has already saved my life," says Antoine.

If there is one element where we should be delighted with the strengthening of standards, it is the helmet.

"It's reassuring to know that the visor will withstand the impact of a projectile at more than 200 km/h," says Alexandre.

This will force low cost


to review their standards.

However, our readers do not necessarily intend to invest immediately in the purchase of new equipment.

Held back by rising prices?

Users will be able to continue to wear their helmets to the old 22.05 standard, including after July 1.

These “old models” will simply be withdrawn from sale from January 1, 2024. “I buy a helmet every five years, explains Yohan.

It's not a big expense when you spread it out over time.

"The price of approval will increase, and it may be that the impact on the selling price will be passed on", prophesied Eric Thiollier.

This possible increase worries Maxime: “These are still additional expenses for a passion that is already more and more expensive.

Christophe is also fatalistic: “Of course, the price will increase, which is nonsense for me.

The rider's equipment should be reasonably priced so that everyone can protect themselves.

When you see the price of individual airbags..." Add to that the arrival of the technical control of two-wheelers, which will come into force before October 1st: "The world of motorcycling can be expensive and difficult to access. for many people, admits Ivan.

This may put off more than one.


VAT, jackets and double zippers

Safety remains at the heart of motorcyclists' concerns.

While their mortality on the roads is falling less rapidly than the average, according to the National Interministerial Observatory for Road Safety, everyone is calling for action.

“Price changes could be painless by removing VAT on safety equipment,” suggests Jean-Luc.

An idea shared by Bryan, who also proposes to go “further”: “The more equipment we have, the less we pay for insurance, for example…”

"I think that safety is priceless, but wouldn't it be wiser to make trousers and a jacket mandatory?, asks Tanguy.

In 2022, you have to ride with helmet and gloves, but in shorts, tank top and flip-flops…” Maxime calls on the authorities: “Let the State start by taking care of the roads.

The double slides must also be deployed everywhere for our safety.

In short, there is still a long way to go.


Motorcycle helmets: New regulations will come into force on July 1


The technical control of two-wheelers must be in place by October 1, 2022, decides the Council of State

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