The river is rushing, and some people fall into the water

At the moment of life and death, he chased nearly 700 meters

Jumped down and successfully rescued the drowning person

scene in the video

It happened in Haishu, Ningbo, Zhejiang

June 15 afternoon

Haishu Drum Tower Police Station received an alarm

"Someone fell into the water at Jiefang Bridge!

The river is in a hurry, almost no one can be seen!


The policeman Jiang Haiyu rushed to the police

The water depth of the incident river section exceeded two meters

The drowning has been swept away by the current

Those who fall into the water one minute later are more dangerous

Emergency moment

Jiang Haiyu searched south along the river

Along the way, he also urgently "requisitioned" an electric car

"Comrade, borrow your electric car

We are looking for people along the river!


After chasing nearly 700 meters

Jiang Haiyu once again found the drowning person

Only half of his head is exposed on the river

keep drifting towards the center of the river

Jiang Haiyu knew that once he reached the intersection of the three rivers

Those who fall into the water may be engulfed by undercurrents and whirlpools at any time

almost impossible to survive

Jiang Haiyu immediately tied the protective rope

Jump into the river

But just when Jiang Haiyu was about to catch the drowning man

A torrent swept the two away

Seeing the intersection of three rivers in front of you

Jiang Haiyu slammed forward

Hold tight to the collar of the drowning man

Hold him and swim to the shore

Immediately, rescue boats arrived at the scene

Jiang Haiyu shouted:

"Don't worry about me! Hurry up and save him"


Man drowning in water rushed to hospital

It's okay now

Pulling back "Hope of Life" in the rapids

Netizen: Jiang Haiyu, great job!

Jiang Haiyu is a retired soldier

In 2017, he transferred from the army to join the public security team

△ Jiang Haiyu

After saving people that day, Jiang Haiyu was exhausted

feel pain in hands and feet

Only then did he discover

Hands and feet were ripped apart by rubble

At the critical moment, Jiang Haiyu jumped

Drag back "Hope of Life" in the rapids

Netizens praised his bravery

  Source of this article: CCTV News WeChat Official Account (ID: cctvnewscenter) Comprehensive Ningbo Evening News