The killer of the "Mansoura student" posted abusive pictures of her on "Facebook" after she rejected him

A friend of the father of the student, Naira Ashraf, who was killed today, Monday, by her colleague, in front of Mansoura University in the Egyptian governorate of Dakahlia, revealed new details about the incident and the relationship of the victim with the accused.

Muhammad Musa, a friend of the victim's father, Naira Ashraf, said that he learned about what Naira was exposed to through news and photos that spread on social media pages and sites, and immediately contacted her parents, who told him that she had been transferred to a hospital.

Moussa added that when he asked them about the incident, they told him that the young man who had come to end her life had proposed to her before, but they had refused him, so he was in a state of anger and monitored the victim until he assaulted her, and stabbed her with a white-knife weapon while she arrived at the university, in order to take the exams.

A friend of the Mansoura student's father continued: "He applied to her more than once, but they rejected him. Unfortunately, he is a stubborn young man and he has made more than one report in the police stations, and this problem is what he said for a long time between them."

Muhammad Musa explained that the student, Naira, the victim, was blackmailed by this young man earlier, as he posted offensive pictures of her on the social networking site Facebook, concluding: “She was with her sisters in the resort, and he took her pictures and put them on Facebook and they worked for him more.” From a police report.

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