Yesterday (18th), the first tropical night appeared in Gangneung, but this morning too, the current temperature of Gangneung exceeded 25 degrees, and the temperature of Seoul is 22.3 degrees.

In the daytime, the heat will prevail.

In Seoul, the highest temperature during the day is 29 degrees, and the sensible temperature will exceed 30 degrees. In the southern regions where the warm and humid south wind hits, Gyeongju's temperature will rise to a whopping 35 degrees and it will be very hot.

Heat wave warnings have been issued all over Yeongnam, so please take good care of your health so as not to get tired from the heat.

It should be noted that during the day and evening, as atmospheric instability increases, it may rain in the mountainous areas of southern Gangwon, western Yeongnam, inland, and northeastern mountains of Gyeongbuk.

Occasionally, clouds will pass through the sky across the country, ultraviolet rays will shine strongly through the clouds, and ozone will appear high.

Starting tomorrow, the congestion front will move north and it will rain in the Jeju region, and it will spread to the southern regions in the early part of the week and to the Chungcheong region in the latter part of the week.

(Meteorological Caster Ahn Su-jin)