North Korea reported on Friday that several hundred families had been infected with an unidentified intestinal disease.

According to state broadcaster KCNA, ruler Kim Jong Un called on the authorities to end the epidemic in South Hwanghae province “as soon as possible”.

Kim's sister Kim Yo Jong brought medicine to help those affected.

According to the first statistics, 1600 people were affected by the intestinal disease.

The reports sparked speculation that it could be cholera or typhoid.

The current disease is spreading while the country is already weakened by the corona pandemic.

On May 12, North Korea announced the first corona cases.

Kim Jong Un said he will lead a "maximum emergency system" against the disease itself.

Still, the virus spread rapidly among the country's 25 million unvaccinated residents.

According to state media, 4.5 million cases of "fever" and 73 deaths were counted.