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  • Today, "Vampyria volume 3: The courtyard of Hurricanes" by Victor Dixen, published on May 25, 2022 by Éditions Robert Laffont.

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Vampyria tome 3: La cour des Ouragans

by Victor Dixen, published on May 25, 2022 by Éditions Robert Laffont.

His favorite quote:

While the disarray makes my face quiver, hers gradually regains its Olympian calm.

"On second thought, if that's what you really want Jeanne, I'll comply," he decrees.

He has regained his deep, calm voice, his famous self-control.

“I would just have to admire you through tinted glasses, that's all.


Why this book?

  • Because during all my reading I didn't know what to expect.

    If we follow the main common thread with Jeanne/Diane's trip to the West Indies and her mission to recover the jewel, we discover other issues related to the Fronde, slavery or even the mystical arts.

    Even after the first two volumes, Victor Dixen still manages to surprise me.

    When we think we know the intentions of a character, or at least have the answers, there is a turnaround that takes us by surprise.

  • Because I can't say enough that author Victor Dixen

    always manages to create and breathe life into his characters.

    They have relief, emotions and flaws that make them, not names on paper, but real beings in their own right.

    A big crush this time for Sterling Raindust, the English vampire who seems familiar to me in his actions as much as he surprises me with his decisions.

    An extremely appreciated duality!

  • Because I love the twists around Jeanne.

    She is a modern heroine who struggles throughout to keep her convictions and her righteousness.

    While she was initially committed to avenging her family, her convictions to overthrow the king are now carried out to remedy the injustice in the world created by the darkness spawned by the Vampyres.

    At the Court of Darkness, Jeanne has learned to make quick decisions and play it smart, but life on the oceans is not that of the Court.

    Will she find allies at the end of the world or will her secret be discovered by those around her?

  • Because now that we are familiar with the dark universe

    of this Louis XIV and his vampiric court, the political issues of the border countries and (so-called) allies of the kingdom of France mingle with the history that we know of that period.

    I really like the fact of finding mentions of famous people (the Marquise de Maintenon, the composer Lully) or even learning a little more about the issues of the time with slavery in the plantations, and the fight of those who already wanted to abolish it.

  • Because the two previous volumes were extremely gripping

    and this third volume marks the end of the first cycle of the Vampyria saga.

    But don't worry… the sequel is planned!

The essentials in 2 minutes

The plot.

Sent as a wife to a sinister pirate, Jeanne's mission actually hides another goal, to recover a jewel that would allow the vampire king to survive the day.

Torn between her survival, her duty to the Fronde and the mysteries of the pirate, Jeanne will lead the hardest fight of her life.


Jeanne Froidelac known as Diane de Gastefriche, equerry to the king.

Sterling Raindust, vampire and double agent in the service of the English crown.

Poppy Castlecliff, the other English rider and friend of Jeanne.

Zacharie de Grand-Domaine, the Louisianan squire.


After leaving the court of Paris, we embark on the Atlantic Ocean towards the West Indies.

This trip will make us discover one of the most mysterious places, with the legendary Bermuda Triangle.

The time.

Year 300 of the vampiric reign of Louis XIV.

The author.

Victor Dixen, author of the Saga Phobos, Animale, Le Cas Jack Spark or even more recently of Cogito and Extincta.

Very focused on science fiction and fantasy, he tells us stories where real, historical and fictional facts intertwine.

This book was read with


With this story centered on vampires or with the intrigues and other mysteries that surround the world of Jeanne, we can only be addicted to this saga.

Suspense and twists are always present in each chapter and we want more!

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