Are you fed up with

fake news

, or do you have doubts about information that is circulating?

20 Minutes

responds directly to your phone, by launching a new service on Whatsapp.

To access it, it's very simple, just click here:

In this space, you can send us content (photos, videos, links, statements, etc.) so that our fact-checking section team can verify them.

You can also consult the latest verification articles from our team or subscribe to our info newsletter to receive a selection of our articles each week that respond to the fake news circulating.

Just send us a message, "Hello" for example, to start the conversation and access the features of our "Fake off" fact-checking space.

20 Minutes

, specialized in hunting

fake news

since 2017

This service, launched in partnership with Whatsapp, is still in its infancy and is in beta.

It is certainly still perfectible and we will do our best to improve it as it is used.

Moreover, do not hesitate to give us your feedback on it.

Since 2017,

20 Minutes

has been hunting

fake news

and other intox with its Fake off section and its dedicated team of journalists.

Our section has been certified since 2017 by the IFCN, an organization that guarantees the quality of editorial standards.


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