The Metropolitan Police Department and others in Shinagawa Ward on the 15th, in response to the fact that the damage of "refund fraud" that tricks ATMs into operating ATMs by telling them that they can receive refunds such as medical expenses is increasing again in Tokyo. We conducted a campaign calling for the prevention of damage.

Approximately 30 people from the Metropolitan Police Department police officers and local crime prevention associations participated in the campaign held at JR Oimachi Station in Shinagawa Ward, and the station wrote a leaflet saying "Stop! Mobile phone at ATM". We distributed it to our customers and called for their attention.

The Metropolitan Police Department has been strengthening measures against refund fraud in cooperation with financial institutions since April last year, and the damage in Tokyo has been on the decline.

However, last month it was 94 cases, which is about double the previous month, and the amount of damage was about 140 million yen, which is the highest in the past year.

Refund fraud is characterized by the fact that the fraudulent group operates the ATM while talking to the victim on a mobile phone and transfers cash. I am calling to do it.