[Explanation] In the new era, Zhejiang has been given the mission of high-quality development and construction of a demonstration area for common prosperity.

Today, the exploration of the road to common prosperity is in full swing in Zhejiang, and international friends can often be seen participating in the research and exploration of common prosperity.

Magdalena, Doctor of Sociology, taught at Ningbo Institute of Technology in 2016. She loves education and actively participates in cultural exchange activities.

In recent years, she and her husband, Dr. Rega, have conducted a survey on the common prosperity practiced in Zhejiang Province.

Recently, the reporter followed the husband and wife to various villages in Jiulonghu Town, Ninghai County, Ningbo. They put forward their own views on the exploration of mutual wealth here.

  [Concurrent] Dr. Magda, a scholar from Ningbo Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University

  We think they are building different brands. Gejia Village is an art village, and here (Qinshan Village) is a natural environment. We think this is their signature, but the long-term goal should be the same, to develop through cultural village tours The village achieves common prosperity.

  Dr. Lei Jia, Scholar of Ningbo Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University

  I think it's not just the case of culture and natural scenery tourism in this village, I can understand that each village has its own special features to contribute.

It's a very beautiful place and I can totally understand that many tourists come here to relax, especially since it's so close to Ningbo city by an hour's drive, which is another attraction.

Local residents should benefit from all these elements, and such a development model is very suitable for the local situation.

  [Explanation] During the visit, the Magda couple told reporters that development and protection are a pair of contradictions, and blindly developing villages may lead to some problems, but they believe that exchanges between local villagers and foreign tourists will ultimately benefit both parties. Villagers can also get rich through tourism while maintaining their traditional lives.

  [Concurrent] Dr. Lei Jia, a scholar from Ningbo Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University

  (The problem of blind development) is not only affected by the environment, but also includes local culture and local customs. The people living here have their own customs and their own way of doing things. I think if many strangers and tourists come here, They may change local culture, customs, and local residents may need to adapt to this change in anticipation of frequent tourists.

Tourists may be able to learn from local villagers how to protect the environment, and local villagers can learn some new ways of life for tourists, which may cause problems but they will most likely benefit both parties, it all depends on making good tourism policies.

  [Explanation] The couple also put forward unique opinions on the road to mutual wealth in various villages in Ningbo. The government should pay attention to the details and characteristics of each village, the differences between the villages or the development path of mutual wealth.

  [Concurrent] Dr. Lei Jia, a scholar from Ningbo Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University

  In any case, the government should pay more attention to the attractions of the village, such as the local culture, environment, and local characteristics. I really think that although the general idea of ​​co-prosperity is similar, to make the village more attractive, through the beautiful environment, local culture Or local delicacies.

When you think about the details, the difference between those villages is immediately apparent, which is what they should believe.

  Dr. Magda, Scholar, Ningbo Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University

  Another important point is to understand the needs of the villagers. For example, a local leader has an idea to introduce art into the village. First, he should ask the villagers if they will cooperate and what the villagers want to do.

Because if the leaders have ideas but the villagers are not interested, this model of rural development may not be successful.

Therefore, the needs and wishes of the people are very important, and the dialogue and communication between village cadres and local residents are also very important.

  [Explanation] After the visit, Ge Haifeng, a rural revitalization consultant in Jiulonghu Town, and Shen Fang, secretary of the Party branch and village director of Tianyangchen Village, said that after exploring in the past few years, the number of tourists in the village has increased significantly, the tourism industry is developing well, and the villagers have Through the three industries, such as homestays and farmhouses, the income has increased significantly, and the annual income of each household is about RMB 100,000.

  [Concurrent] Shen Fang, Secretary of the Party Branch and Village Director of Tianyangchen Village, Jiulonghu Town

  We are also exploring how to achieve an environment where our village and the common people can get rich together, because our village was also considered an economically weak village. In the same way, through the development of some agricultural tourism projects, tourists are introduced, and it is also through the addition of some agricultural tourism activities and experience projects. Children experience such as rice cutting, rice transplanting, and various labor activities. (weekly) weekend.

(How to keep the young people in the village, and return to the village to develop without going to other places to work and earn money)

  [Concurrent period] Ge Haifeng, general manager of Ningbo Xiangshan Tourism Development Co., Ltd., the rural revitalization consultant of Jiulonghu Town

  Now that the infrastructure (construction) is done well, these talents are brought in, and these entrepreneurs who have stayed in other places also want to return to our beautiful countryside, and want to come back to the countryside.

  [Concurrent] Shen Fang, Secretary of the Party Branch and Village Director of Tianyangchen Village, Jiulonghu Town

  People who like this job, like the rural atmosphere, and want to invest in the idea of ​​returning to the countryside, let them stay here for development.

  Reported by Shen Yishan and Zang Chengeng from Ningbo, Zhejiang

Responsible editor: [Li Ji]