An investigation was opened following the census in March of seven undocumented workers on the site of the athletes' village of the Paris 2024 Olympics, we learned on Tuesday from the Bobigny prosecutor's office, confirming information from the Crew.

The personal crime repression brigade (BRDP) was seized to conduct the investigation, opened on June 8 for "employment of foreigners without title", "use of concealed work" and "execution in an organized gang of 'hidden work,' said the prosecution.

"Investigations are underway to determine the responsibilities in the commission of these facts," added this source.

Contacted by AFP, Solideo (Olympic works delivery company) could not be reached in the evening.

This procedure started with the report of a control service of the regional management of the economy, employment, work and solidarity (DRIEETS), itself triggered after a report from the CGT.

1.5 billion public money

The undocumented workers were employed by a subcontracting company, "whose ramifications and involvement go beyond the Olympics sites", according to a source familiar with the matter interviewed by AFP in March.

On this gigantic construction site, located in Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis), several companies are working under the aegis of Solideo, which has a budget of 4 billion euros, including 1.5 of public money.

Their mission: to be able to deliver the athletes' village supposed to house more than 10,000 athletes in two years.

"There was no reason for the Olympic Games sites to escape the classic pressure that exists in construction and works", sectors in tension, explained Bernard Thibault, former secretary general of the CGT, who sits on the board. administration of Solideo.

Nearly a hundred checks have been carried out since the launch of the Games sites, which are intended to be exemplary on this subject, according to a source familiar with the matter.

From the athletes' village to gymnasiums and road interchanges, Solideo is responsible for building or renovating around sixty structures by 2024.

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