The post-95s are casual and the post-85s Buddhist "two sessions" have very different parenting attitudes

  Post-85s mothers prefer to raise their children from Buddhism, and their eating habits are more conservative; post-95s mothers prefer to go out with light makeup during pregnancy, and are more willing to choose confinement clubs-the age difference between post-85s and post-95s mothers is only 10 years, but the way of parenting and life Attitudes are very different.

  Post-95s mothers are more "casual" during pregnancy

  A related report released by the Mob Research Institute shows that the monthly activity of Baoma’s mobile Internet exceeded 80 million for the post-85s and post-95s, and the active peaks were during the winter and summer vacations.

They are keen on "surfing the Internet", their Internet usage time is higher than the average level of the entire Internet, and they have a high interest in parent-child, education, sports, filming and other activities.

The first-tier cities have a relatively high reproductive age, and as the city level decreases, the reproductive age also gradually becomes younger.

  The post-85s and post-95s mothers will face various problems in the process of becoming a mother. Different ideas and concepts will lead to different choices.

The data shows that, compared with the post-95 baby mothers, more post-85 baby mothers are more cautious and conservative about dietary restrictions during pregnancy, and they can insist on not eating spicy, cold and irritating foods throughout the pregnancy. Will "relax requirements".

  When it comes to beauty makeup, post-85s moms are more cautious, sticking to plain makeup most of the time, basically not wearing makeup or wearing contact lenses.

The post-1995 generation still focuses on light makeup during pregnancy to minimize chemical residues.

  In general, the mothers of both age groups pay more attention to the consumption of health products, and basically take them on time and according to the amount.

Only a small number of mothers hold an attitude of indifference and think that it is of little significance.

  Folic acid, vitamins and minerals are the main types of health care products that mothers choose during pregnancy.

Compared with the two age groups, more post-85s choose folic acid, calcium and DHA, while post-95s mothers take more vitamins and minerals, and milk powder for pregnant women.

  In addition, post-85s and post-95s mothers will use some apps to record and inquire about answers to pregnancy-related questions during pregnancy. Among them, Meiyou, Baby Tree, Meixiu, and Lilac Mother are all popular apps.

  Postpartum mothers after 85 pay attention to psychological counseling

  During the postpartum recovery period, more than 60% of post-95 mothers will choose professional confinement centers or clubs, or hire professional housekeeping maternal and child care personnel to take care of themselves and their babies.

About half of post-85 mothers prefer to recuperate and recover at home.

  In professional repair institutions, body slimming and stretch mark repair are high requirements for mothers.

In order to restore their prenatal figure, more than 20% of the mothers can basically exercise every day, and most of the mothers exercise more than once a week.

Moreover, post-95 mothers prefer yoga, and post-85s prefer skipping rope.

  In addition to professional postpartum repair institutions, mothers also carry out self-management in many aspects.

It is worth noting that post-95 mothers tend to be guided by professional institutions, and post-85 mothers pay attention to self-psychological counseling and management, so as to eliminate the negative emotions brought about by postpartum.

  Post-95s mothers are keen on early education

  Post-85 relative to Buddhism

  When it comes to the stage of raising a baby, compared with the post-95s, post-85s are more of a working mother, and more post-95s mothers tend to bring their own babies.

In addition, although the post-95s upgraded to become a mother, they still maintain their hobbies and have more entertainment activities.

  Mothers dress more simply for daily or commuting, and dress up for more important occasions.

Among them, post-95 mothers tend to be more casual and comfortable.

  For infant enlightenment education, the post-95s are more proactive and enthusiastic, and are keen to participate in the courses of the Early Childhood Education Center. Compared with the Buddhist system, some mothers advocate not to participate in or less to participate in early education, and prefer their babies to cultivate or entertain themselves at home.

  Most mothers' shopping carts contain mother, baby and self-related products.

However, the post-85s generation is relatively more into the role of "mother", with more maternal and infant products and fewer self-related products.

  Text / Our reporter Chen Si