Symptoms of high blood pressure .. beware of this dangerous sign

Vision problems are very common and often a sign of normal aging.

But in some cases, it may be a sign of dangerously high blood pressure, and the World Health Organization recognizes high blood pressure as a major cause of premature death if it is not controlled.

It increases the risk of heart attack, stroke, and other serious diseases.

And the British newspaper, “Express”, said that there is a set of symptoms that you should know that indicate dangerously high blood pressure, including blurred vision, where high levels of blood pressure can damage or damage the blood vessels in your eye - leaving you With a condition called "retinopathy".

According to Midtown Atlanta Medical Corporation, the small blood vessels in your eyes can bleed and this can lead to blurry vision, and there is concern that if high blood pressure remains untreated, it may lead to complete vision loss.

Other severe symptoms of high blood pressure include "headache, shortness of breath, and nosebleeds", and among other symptoms are also feeling dizzy or so-called dizziness, where you may feel as if the room is spinning in you, which may indicate a severe rise in blood pressure, and dizziness occurs due to lack of The amount of oxygen that reaches the brain.

Causes of high blood pressure

It is worth noting that blood pressure is affected by a variety of factors;

These include diet, lack of exercise, stress, tobacco or alcohol use, and night shift work. To prevent high blood pressure, the medications prescribed by the doctor, appropriate diet and regular exercise should be adhered to.

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