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An eyewitness account of seeing actress Kim Tae-ri at the group WJSN's concert is a hot topic online.

On the 12th, on various online communities and SNS, eyewitness accounts of Kim Tae-ri watching the Cosmic Girls concert on the 11th, as well as on-site photos and videos spread, saying, "Yesterday's witnessing Kim Tae-ri."

Cosmic Girls will hold a concert on the 11th and 12th at the Olympic Hall in Olympic Park, Seoul.

In the published photo, Kim Tae-ri wearing a mask was caught sitting in the audience at Cosmic Girls' concert.

In addition, the video showed a woman presumed to be Kim Tae-ri cheering loudly whenever Bona (real name Kim Ji-yeon) was caught on the billboard at her concert hall.

Among netizens, "I was a celebrity and I shouted 'Kim Ji-yeon', 'Kim Bona', and 'Go Yu-rim' to make the world know that you came to your concert", "I was very embarrassed when I got caught by security while filming a video", "Passionately from beginning to end We cheered", "Every time Bona came out, they shouted 'Go Yu-rim'", "The sound of laughter was the sound of Kim Tae-ri's laughter at the level of a fingerprint", "After the concert, Kim Tae-ri strides to leave work", etc.

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Cosmic Girls member Exy also posted a photo taken with Kim Tae-ri through SNS after the concert, confirming Kim Tae-ri's concert viewing.

Kim Tae-ri appeared in the tvN drama 'Twenty-five Twenty One' with her Cosmic Girl member Bona.

Kim Tae-ri takes on the role of Na Hee-do and Bona plays the late Yu-rim, respectively, acting as her fencing rival and friend.

Kim Tae-ri and Bona took this opportunity to establish a relationship and maintain a close relationship.

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Netizens showed reactions such as "Kim Tae-ri is cute", "It's good to see their friendship", and "Kim Tae-ri bursts with charm", and it was fun.

[Photo=Online community, Axi Instagram capture, management mmm provided]

Reporter Seon-ae Kang   

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Seon-ae Kang)