Ukraine's sovereignty is a commodity.

On the one hand, it can be turned into a profitable military confrontation business for the elite and “valiantly” fight for every inch of land.

After all, this is a “holy” event: to drag Russia into the massacre with provocations and try to wear it down as much as possible.

For this good cause of democracy, all means are good, but what kindness and gratitude from the Western masters loom ahead, so the work is worth it.

And on the other hand, you can open all the possibilities for creeping annexation, try to burn the cultural and historical bridges of the former community and become different.

For example, the Poles.

Well, not the real ones, but for now neophytes in a colonial format.

All this fits into the project of dismembering the territory of the country, which, apparently, is the main task of the Zelensky regime.

Yes, in fact, the entire post-Soviet “Ukraine project”.

It was precisely under the semblance of the Yugoslav scenario that they rebuilt it.

One of the main interests seeking to snatch a piece of the Ukrainian pie is Poland.

This is an old dream, the lords sleep and see the "historical" lands, tidied up, which will give a chance for the revival of the former greatness.

But we understand that appetite comes with eating and the prospects for absorption can be big.

Warsaw is also eyeing parts of the Baltic and Belorussian lands.

In the latter, they even tried to produce a grandiose turmoil, but Belarus survived, and the pans had to turn their tails.

Almost from the very beginning of the Russian special operation, Poland has become the main hub for the transportation of weapons and militants to Nezalezhnaya.

In a wild rage, she declared war on Soviet monuments and burials on her territory, and officials with undisguised hatred with might and main incline the idea of ​​the Russian world.

It is understandable: they need the Polish world.

It’s scary to arrange it with weapons in hand, especially since NATO said that they would have to do it at their own peril and risk, which is why the tactics of creeping annexation were chosen, when Poland gradually absorbs Ukrainian sovereignty.

In Hollywood cinema, this tactic is vividly represented: an alien parasite penetrates the victim and gradually establishes complete control over it.

So the Polish President Duda said back in early May that "there will no longer be a border between our countries."

What Zelensky saluted with a bill on a special legal status for Polish citizens.

That is, the penetration and installation of control has already begun.

Removing borders is a simple matter, it is enough to buy up the Ukrainian ruling elite, which has long put itself in a situation where it has nothing to lose: after all, it’s not about the people, not about the state – all this is a bargaining chip for them.

“The state is not a private corporation, and in this case we see that the Kyiv junta has already agreed with the annexation of Ukraine by Poland and voluntarily surrenders state sovereignty to it,” said Sergey Naryshkin, director of the Foreign Intelligence Service.

One of the evidences of this fact: Warsaw, with the consent of Kyiv, hosted a backup data processing center of the State Tax Service of Ukraine.

That is, all information about Ukrainian taxpayers is transmitted, as well as about the real financial situation of Ukraine.

In all this, not only Polish interests are obvious, but also American ears stick out.

The States, apparently, have blessed such a takeover and are in full control of it.

It is extremely beneficial for them that the territory of anti-Russia will also grow with Poland ...

In fact, it's no secret to anyone that Poland, having received a visa from its patrons, will try to take advantage of the situation in order to profit at someone else's expense.

It is no secret that the “Maidan” itself was an attempt to kidnap Ukraine with the prospect of dividing it.

It was perceived through the prism of the collapse of Yugoslavia with Russia being drawn into this destructive whirlpool.

But the cynicism of the situation lies in the fact that on the eastern front, the Zelensky regime leaves its citizens to be slaughtered, uses civilians as human shields, and also tries to turn cities into fortresses.

After that, he begins to shell the lost territories, destroying everything so that no one gets it.

Doesn't feel sorry for anyone.

And what is all this for, so that Poland succeeds in absorbing Ukrainian sovereignty?

The criminal nature of the adventure lies in the obvious conscious desire to destroy their people, primarily the Russian-speaking population.

The post-Maidan authorities have been doing everything possible for years to turn the minds of the inhabitants inside out in order to program them to hate Russia.

This is how the victim was prepared, a kind of kamikaze, which must either die or sow hatred and destruction, and at this time the “right” nation was replaced.

A kind of selective selection, through the eradication of everything Russian, which is already under suspicion, and even represents the most monstrous, as Polish politicians insist.

This is how the Ukrainian nation was built, which in this case is thought of as a transitional, temporary phenomenon.

Plus it - in the proximity and openness to Polonization.

That is, with good reason, we can assume that the escape to Poland is not a spontaneous decision, not out of hopelessness, but a verified strategy that has been implemented for years, if not decades.

It is enough to look at the experiment on the demonization of their own population, which the “breeders” conducted in the Donbass, and everything becomes clear.

Throughout the nineties, we wanted to become Europe, barely escaped the prospect of complete ruin and subsequent collapse, which, apparently, is the price for entering the European top league.

In Ukraine, this dragged on, and the dream of becoming Europe acquired the format of an obsessive mania.

She turned into a "Maidan" insanity, after which a war was launched with its own population.

With the very fact that the fact of its existence interferes with the realization of dreams.

Eurobreeders note that you can’t get into Europe with Russian ballast, so you should deal with it and preferably under the root, be it culture, language, faith, common history, and even people.

The sooner all Russian-speakers go into the past, the better, the sooner Ukraine will live happily and freely as Europe.

And the fairy tale will come true.

I wonder if the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine know about such a selection?

Do they know that, whatever the outcome of their resistance, those of them who return will end up in a completely foreign country, where their lot is similar to that of guest workers?

Do they know that they are at war with themselves, with their own history, culture, are fulfilling someone else's plan to eradicate it?

Of course, in Poland they realize that if they take an excessively large piece, they will choke.

Plus the fear of direct conflict with Russia.

Therefore, the plans are to confine ourselves to the "eastern kres", and the rest - in the status of a colony.

Zelensky has little to lose in this variant; he already walks around in Napoleons – ruthless colonial dictators.

Here, the words spoken by President Putin about the choice that many modern countries face are in place: “If a country or a group of countries is not able to make sovereign decisions, it is already, to a certain extent, a colony, and a colony has no historical prospects, chances to survive in such a tough geopolitical struggle."

When was the last time Ukraine made sovereign decisions, precisely those that were in the interests of its people, and not the colonial overseers, who are called the country's political elite?

Here are the prospects for surrendering the country to Poland, all from the same opera.

The usual strategy of betrayal.

They betray and sell everything and everyone.

Against this background, it must be said that Russia is returning seriously and for a long time.

Feel the difference.

This is not a colonial policy, but the liberation of one's own, dear.

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