• The site of the Promenade Sainte-Catherine in Bordeaux invited the artist Jean-François André to design a work to alert on the situation of the oceans.

  • The open-air shopping center will offer several events over the next few days, including a photo exhibition.

  • In Chartrons, the Bord'eau Village site also organizes several events around the protection of nature and the oceans.

Hanging in the middle of the Promenade Sainte-Catherine in Bordeaux, you can't miss it.

A work representing an Earth three meters in diameter, made of plastic waste to raise awareness of ocean pollution, was installed this Friday on the occasion of

Ocean Days

, or World Ocean Day.

It will remain in place until June 26.

“Planète Dump” (or “Planète Décharge”, in English) was created by the artist Jean-François André, used to defending the environmental cause.

"It's a public inquiry," he explains.

I am deeply devastated by the irresponsibility of our behavior, even if I am as open to criticism as anyone”.

Sound and visual experiences

Screening of films, workshops, or even photo exhibitions... The Promenade Sainte-Catherine will offer various events around these

Ocean Days

, an event aimed at raising awareness of ocean pollution, until June 26th.

The photo exhibition installed at the “Stories” pop-up, for example, invites you to live sound and visual experiences, via cabins allowing you to hear the aquatic fauna, or virtual reality headsets.

Many competitions, workshops and concerts will also take place throughout the weekend.

In particular, it will be possible to participate this Sunday in the "Precious Plastic" workshop, which consists of "transforming plastic directly, to do something else", as explained by Nicolas Thyebaut, co-founder of Nomads Surfing, a brand of surfing committed to the protection of the ocean, partner of the Promenade for the event.

Protecting nature and the oceans at the Bord'eau Village site

The Promenade Sainte-Catherine is not alone in investing in the cause of the oceans in Bordeaux.

In Chartrons, along the Garonne, the Bord'eau Village site is also launching a sixteen-week program of conferences and workshops on the theme of protecting nature and the oceans.

A photo exhibition will also be offered there, from June 10 to October 2, during which a work of art 2.50 meters high and 3 meters long will be hung, while you can attend a concert by Tom Frager and participate in the “Science Cafés” in partnership with the 4P Shore & Seas association.

The complete program of the

Ocean Days

is here, and that of "Protection of nature and the oceans of Bord'eau Village" here.


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