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The story of 'that day' in history that we should not forget, 'Jang Trio' Jang Hyeon-seong, Jang Seong-gyu, and Jang Do-yeon tell the story of SBS 'The Tale of Biting the Tail' (hereinafter 'Kkokomu').

For those who missed the main broadcast, or for those who have watched the broadcast but want to review the contents again, SBS Entertainment News will put it all together in one room.

The story of 'that day' that I want to tell 'you' this time is the episode of 'Kokkomu-1980 Elimination of Bullies'

, which aired on the 9th


As story friends, comedian Jeong Seong-ho, actors Lim Ji-yeon, and Yoon Gyun-sang appeared.

Samcheong Education University, the place where I was recklessly dragged away

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Seung-ho Lee (pseudonym) stood in front of the camera for the interview.

He told me not to do the 'Kokkomu' interview around me.

No matter how much society improved, it would be viewed badly, but why would you go out and say such a thing?

Even his wife and children didn't know what Seungho would tell 'Kokko Mu'.

What is the story Seungho wanted to hide from his family?

"It hasn't changed in 43 years, will it change?" he said skeptically.

43 years ago, what the hell happened?

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The time is the summer of 1980, Seoul.

Seungho, who was 18 at the time, went to a nearby restaurant while playing with his friends during summer vacation.

Seungho found an elementary school Korean book lying on the table and began to read the book, but the guests at the other table bruised Seungho and his party for being noisy.

This small commotion quickly turned into a physical fight, and the police were dispatched to the police box.

Neither of them were injured or damaged, so they should be released through banishment measures.

Things turn weird.

He went from the police box to the police station and back to the prosecutor's office, where he was investigated and imprisoned in a detention center.

Seungho, his friends, and the other party who had an argument, everyone.

And after a week, they all got on a bus and went somewhere.

The bus stopped at a military base in a mountain.

There are two or three layers of barbed wire around it.

The instructors in red hats threw bats at them as soon as they arrived.

And somewhere, "Bang! Bang! Bang!"

I even heard the sound of a bombshell.

Along with the story that if you run away, you will be killed.

"Don't raise your head! You don't even deserve to see the sky!"

The instructors made them bomb Wonsan with their heads on the ground, and when they fell, they kicked them without mercy.

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"It was terrible. That moment. I thought, 'I'm not going to die doing this.'"

From the elderly to the grandchildren, to young children, and even women to this place.

It is 'Samcheong Education University'.

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Innocent young people who became 'bullys' overnight

"In order to contribute to the construction of a bright and just society, we first started the arrest of all bullies."

On August 4, 1980, the government announced the 'Special Measures to Eliminate Social Evil'.

They're sending the bad guys to the Samcheong Education Center to make them new people.

The intent looks good.

But, how can the 'bad-bae' they are talking about be selected?

That standard was very vague.

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The 'rogue' they set are 'those who are criticized by the residents', 'who lead an unhealthy life', and 'those who are likely to reoffend'.

So, will everyone who is bullied in the neighborhood get arrested?

Who decides what is good and what is bad?

How do you decide whether to reoffend or not?

The standards are too vague.

If you just stick with a reason, you're treated as a 'rogue'.

People who watched the fight, people who paid for the trauma, people who drank and sang on the street.

These people were all 'bad guys' by this ambiguous standard.

Park Yi-soo, who was 24 at the time, is a young man who runs a photo studio with his older brother.

He likes baseball very much, so that day he went to the baseball field and waited in line to enter, but suddenly the police took him away.


I mean, people spit in a lot of places.

That's how Lee Soo was taken to Samcheong Education College.

Sometimes it's even more absurd.

Han Il-young, who was 23 years old at the time.

It's this one.

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Il-young went to the Han River with the local kids to play in the water.

He was in the middle of a swim and he was taken away by the police.

At that time, the police also arrested a person with a tattoo on his body.

Il-young thinks that he was dragged away because of the tattoos he had on his body.

So, did Il-young have huge tattoos like dragons or tigers on her body?

It's this tattoo.

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This little 'life' lettering.

This letter has a strange story.

Il-young was taken to Seongam Academy in her teens and Samcheong Education College when she was in her twenties.

Seongam Academy is a facility for rehabilitating stray children on an island called Seongam, and it is called 'Samcheong Education Center for boys'.

Il-young has gone through times that others have never experienced before.

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Il-young was taken to Seongam Academy when she was in 6th grade when she was living with her family and was taken to Seongam Academy because her clothes were shabby on the way to a relative's house.

Seongam Academy took young boys and forced them to work in salt fields, farming, and clearing mountains.

They beat the children day and night and buried the dead children in the mountains behind them.

To this day, the remains of young children continue to come out of the site.

It is estimated that there are more than 150 remains in the ground today.

Young Il-young spent three years in a place like this.

Then one day, while cleaning, Il-young saw a picture frame on the wall and froze.

The frame had a poem written on it.

Even if life deceives you, do not be sad or angry.

If you endure and endure the days of sorrow, the day of joy will soon

come. The present is always sad.

The mind lives in the future, everything is a moment,

and the past misses soon.

Impressed by Pushkin's poem 'Life' written on the frame, Il-young burst into tears.

That poem became hope and strength to persevere in that hellish place.

In order not to forget that feeling, Il-young engraved the words 'Life' on his forearm with briquettes.

He persevered by watching it whenever it was difficult, and decided to escape the Seon Gam Academy at the risk of his life in search of hope for himself.

From that day on, Il-young practiced swimming for nearly a year, and studied quickly during the ebb and flow times.

And the fateful day.

I crawled through the muddy flats, swam with all my might, and got out of the island in about two hours.

At the age of 18, he came back to his family after overcoming the crisis of death.

But after only five years, Il-young was taken to Samcheong Educational University again.

Because of that tattoo called 'life', the hope engraved at Seongam Academy.

I eat maggot rice and roll in poop...

a gruesome scene

Seung-ho was taken away from the restaurant, I-su was dragged away for spitting at the baseball field, and Il-young was dragged away because of a small tattoo.

Why is it that these innocent people have been dragged around like this?

Here's a secret.

It's because of the 'quota'.

At that time, an official letter that set the number of arrestees for Samcheong education was issued by each police station, saying that 250-300 people should be arrested.

In order to match it, it is like catching anyone and creating a sin and putting it together.

Of course, there were some real bullies among those brought in.

Even if that were the case, would it be okay to be dragged away like that indiscriminately?

In this way, the number of people who entered Samcheong Education University reached a whopping 40,000.

Of these, 40% have no criminal record.

The oldest is 73 years old and the youngest is 14 years old.

There were 17 middle school students.

There were also 319 women.

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So, how did the daily life of Samcheong Education University go?

From 6 am to 10 pm, the most difficult of the 16 hours a day was 'training' for a total of 8 hours.

They were treated like sub-humans by performing rigorous training every day, such as PT gymnastics, guerrilla training, and wooden stick gymnastics that moved with a wooden pole like a power pole weighing up to 300kg.

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At mealtime, you have to shout a slogan before eating.

"If you're worse than a pig, don't eat pork," and "If you're worse than a cow, don't eat beef."

It made me cry out to myself as a being less than a beast.

And I made him eat the rice he gave me in 10 seconds.

You don't eat it, you just put it in your mouth.

In addition, the amount of food given to them was very small.

Do you know why they gave me so little food?

I have a document that explains why.

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"Reason for adjusted feeding. By making people feel hungry, they reduce physical repulsion and resistance, and increase obedience necessary to maintain order. By increasing the rate of repentance for one's mistakes, it contributes to successful acclimatization education."

It means that you can't resist and listen well when you're hungry.

When I ejaculated, "Please, give me something to eat," the instructors took me to one side.

It was in front of 'Jjamtong', where the teaching assistants gathered leftovers in one place.

On a hot summer day, he pointed to the jjamtong full of maggots, and told him to eat it when he was hungry.

Victims who were too hungry ate even that.

"I ate it with my hands, whether it had maggots or not. If I didn't eat it, I thought I would die."

The dignity that I try to protect as a minimum human being.

Samcheong Education University made it break by itself.

harshly and cruelly.

But that's not all.

There was worse than this.

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I got permission to go to the bathroom and went to a group to do chores, but I'm glad I went this way.

There's a puddle outside, and I circled it around to urinate.

People called this filthy pool 'Hell Bath'.


'Cause I got you in there

The instructors caught the frog and threw it into the hell-bath, and then they went into the filthy filth to catch it.

I even made him dive.

When I got choked and nauseated and hit my head up, the instructor pressed my head down so I couldn't come up.

That filthy filth was blown all over my body.

There is something the victims of Samcheong Education University have to say.

“I had to give up being a human to survive there,” he said.

You have to stay there for 4 weeks like this.

There were people who couldn't stand it and ended up making extreme choices.

The official number of people who died there, being treated unhumanly, is 54.

Of those, 10 were beaten to death.

Totally ruined life, trauma that can't be erased

After returning from there, most of them were unable to return to their daily life due to after-effects or being branded as a graduate of Samcheong Education University.

Mr. Lee-soo, who was taken away for spitting at the baseball field, did not even recognize his brother Kwang-soo due to severe aftereffects after returning home.

He screams incessantly, bangs his head against the wall, and scratches himself.

He kicked him when he was dry and ran out of the house every now and then.

After spending a month at Samcheong Education College, his life was completely ruined.

Lee Soo was eventually sent to a nursing home.

Seungho, who had an argument over a Korean book, came home after 4 weeks, and the atmosphere in the neighborhood has changed.

When he leaves the house, he goes on to say, "He's a gangster" and "He said he went to Samcheong Education College."

The school I attended has already been expelled due to bad news in the neighborhood.

Seungho, who was suffering, said, "What did I do wrong? I was harmed," and then went off, resenting the world.

Seeing her wandering son, Seung-ho's mother spent each day in tears.

She said, "I'm sorry Mom. I'm sorry I couldn't protect my son."

Seung-ho's mother is tormented by her guilt for not being able to protect her child, and she eventually commits suicide by suicide.

After her mother's death, Seungho made up his mind to "live without shame".

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Il-young, who liked the poem 'Life', had a hard time even leaving Samcheong Education College.

After four weeks of acclimatization training at Samcheong Education University, he was assigned to work as a volunteer.

Il-young, who had been volunteering for six months, escaped once again with the thought, "It's the same whether you die like this or die like this."

Just like in Seon Gam School.

But this escape was a failure.

He barely made it to the train, where he was caught by the military police and brought to a military trial.

But Il-young thought it was a good thing.

Because he himself was not guilty.

However, as a result of the trial, he was sentenced to one year in prison, and his faith and hope were so shattered.

Il-young, who was imprisoned in Gongju Prison, was released a year later.

What was the first thing he did after his release?

It was to remove the 'life' tattoo on his forearm.

He rubbed his flesh to pieces with coarse salt to erase his writing and sprinkled detergent powder over it.

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“I just did it because I liked the poem. Because of that…”

After that, Mr. Il-young, who had a hard time finding a job at the factory.

But the police came to see me from time to time.

If something happens in the neighborhood, I will put Il-young on the suspect and question him.

The police computerized the Samcheong Education University information and used it in the investigation for nearly 10 years.

It is an indelible stigma and scarlet letter engraved on the victims of Samcheong Education University.

Eliminate the bad guys?…

Samcheong Education University used as 'justice'

Samcheong Education University, why was it created?

Samcheong Education University was first established by the National Security Emergency Response Committee.

The chairman of the National Security Committee was Chun Doo-hwan before he became president.

After coming to power on 12.12 and bloody suppression of 5.18, his next goal was to become president.

To do that, I needed a 'justice', and with that cause, I shouted 'realization of a just society'.

I will wipe out all the bad guys from all over the country, and I created the Samcheong Educational University.

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Immediately, a large-scale publicity campaign was launched.

Newspaper broadcasts were flooded with articles praising Samcheong Educational University, saying, "The back alley has become brighter."

There was also a video called 'The Way of a New Life' promoting Samcheong Educational University.

Looking at this alone, Samcheong Education University has been beautified as an essential place for social purification.

So what was the public reaction?

Most of the people, unaware of the reality, applauded Chun Doo-hwan for a job well done, saying, "The thugs should be sent to Samcheong Education College."

Chun Doo-hwan, who became president like that, passed away, and after he resigned, the hearing of the 5th Republic was held.

How did Chun Doo-hwan respond to the Samcheong University of Education problem?

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"The Samcheong education aims to promote stability of the people's livelihood by correcting chronic and habitual crimes through special education as a preventive measure. I know that there were no victims with good intentions during the implementation process, and this is very regrettable," he said. .

'I'm sorry', but I didn't apologize until the end.

We were ordinary neighbors just like you.

Samcheong Education University 397 deaths due to aftereffects and 2,768 injuries due to mental disorders.

This is the official number of victims of Samcheong Educational University.

Those who survived are still complaining of pain after 43 years.

Seungho has been taking sleeping pills for 40 years because of his trauma.

I always dreamed of being chased.

I want to see my deceased mother in her dreams, but she's never been out and she's upset.

Lee Soo, who loved baseball, is still in a nursing home.

This is what Mr. Lee Soo looked like before he went to Samcheong University of Education.

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How is Lee Soo doing now?

He made a video call with his brother, and he still doesn't recognize himself or his family.

Just remember that he likes baseball.

Another thing he says clearly.

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"I didn't spit."

All the memories disappeared, but Mr. Lee-soo couldn't erase that moment.

24-year-old youth stands still on that day.

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Il-young said that one day, her daughter asked, "Why is my house so poor?" and she was choking.

She couldn't bring up the story of Samcheong Education University to her daughter, but then her wife said this.

"Aren't you a criminal? The perpetrator is the Republic of Korea, so why are you hiding? Be proud," she said.

Il-young was encouraged by his wife's support, and he requested a retrial for being sentenced to one year in prison for the first time in over 40 years.

The result of the retrial was acquittal.

Il-young only shed tears as she came out of the courtroom.

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The reason why the victims of Samcheong Education University appeared on 'Kokkomu' while recalling their difficult memories is to clear up misunderstandings from people around the world.

"I wasn't a thug, I wasn't a thug. We were just ordinary neighbors just like you."

There is something the victims have in common.

As much as what happened at Samcheong Education University, the eyes of the world were painful.

Shouldn't I reflect on whether I didn't put a brand on them without my knowledge and didn't take their stories lightly?

What do you think of 'today' when you heard the story of 'that day'?

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On the 7th, the History Reconciliation Committee for Truth Reconciliation (Evolution Committee) judged Samcheong Education as 'a large-scale human rights violation caused by the illegal exercise of public power' recommended to seek relief from damages.

The Jinhua Committee is receiving reports of damage to the Samcheong Education Center.

You need to know the exact facts of the damage so that you can change the law and receive compensation.

The memories of that time are very painful, but I hope you have the courage.

Because someone has the courage to change reality.

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(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)