"Nationwide~ Singing Show~!" (Bappapapapapapabam~parararararapabam!')

Every Sunday at 12:10pm.

Along with the roaring cry of 'Little Giant', the band's cheerful melody flowed, and the common folk's song unfolded exhilaratingly.  

The 'National Singing Contest' was a festival for ordinary people that began in the late 1980s, when it was only thought that singers could sing on TV.

It was broadcaster Song Hae (95) who led the music festival, which toured the country every weekend.

When the first broadcast started, Song Hae was already over 60 years old.

However, the 'little giant', united with passion, grew closer to the common people than anyone else, and the song contest program became a 'national program'.

After 35 years of that, the 'National Singing Contest' became 'Songhae', and 'Songhae' soon became the 'National Singing Contest'.

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'Our national MC' Song Hae has become a star in the sky.

According to the police and medical circles, Songhae died at her home on the 8th.

Born in Jaeryeong, Hwanghae-do in 1927, Songhae came down to Busan in 1951 as a refugee during the Korean War.

Song Hae, a native of North Korea, used to go down to the local area the day before the filming to overcome the handicap of not knowing South Korea well.

In order to read the people's feelings and the atmosphere of the village, he went to a local bathhouse.

For that moment, he took off the weight of being a host and had an honest conversation with the common people.

Song Hae was the MC that was optimized for 'Progress at Eye Level'.

'National Singing Contest' was a program with no age limit for performers, so it was a professional program regardless of generation, from young children to grandfathers and grandmothers.

Song Hae relieved tension by leading a conversation tailored to the cast's gender, age, and occupation, and energized the cast to show off their best skills.

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There were many unexpected situations as it was conducted with on-site recording every week.

Even when unexpected moments such as performers who bring local specialties, performers requesting to be picked up or kissing occur, they responded flexibly and filled the program with laughter.

Through the 35-year 'National Singing Contest', the number of performers alone reached 10 million.

Communication with them was a meaningful time for both the performers and the host to be recharged with energy.

Song Hae has been communicating with the public for over 30 years with the irreplaceable 'Sunday Man'.

Song Hae's height is 158 cm.

The loud voice emanating from his small stature and the skill of easy conversation made the common people tired of the week's fatigue wash away with laughter.

Now he has become a star in the sky, but the memories he left for 35 years remain in our hearts forever.

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(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kim Ji-hye)