A month full of cinema, exhibitions and music in Abu Dhabi

Momentum in the capital .. “Music City” is a cultural beehive

  • The cultural complex attracts art lovers with a package of exhibitions.

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A diverse cultural and artistic momentum is witnessing in the capital, Abu Dhabi, which continues to celebrate culture and the arts through a wide range of events and activities organized during this month in particular, which vary between cinema, art and plastic exhibitions, workshops, dialogue seminars and a concert that will be performed by Arab artist Mohammed Abdo on the occasion of the Music Festival in Music City, Abu Dhabi.

The artistic and cultural activities and events organized by the capital are distinguished by their being suitable for different age groups.

Among the most prominent events of the fourth edition of the Festival of Independent Film Shows "Cinemas", which presents a wide range of films and topics that extends to the 12th of this month, at Manarat Al Saadiyat in Abu Dhabi, and includes panel discussions following the screenings, with the participation of directors and speakers from the film community.

The festival was curated by Hind Muzayin, who has coordinated numerous film screenings for local institutions, including the Louvre Abu Dhabi, Sharjah Art Foundation, Africa Institute and Jameel Arts Centre.

The Manarat Al Saadiyat Cultural Center in Abu Dhabi will also host a photography exhibition entitled “Arirang Narsha”, which is organized by the Korean Cultural Center, and will continue until July 29. In it, the artist embodies the aesthetics of traditional Korean dance through a unique vision, based on the principle of “stillness in movement, movement in stillness”, which means that the real concept of movement appears in stillness;

And that stillness is born from movement.


The activities of the "Our Time" exhibition, which will be held at Manarat Al Saadiyat, will also continue until the 13th of this month.

The exhibition is a visual exploration of reinterpreted memories from the 1990s, with artists commissioned to present nine interactive artworks that showcase the memories and impacts of the 1990s, and how they contribute to shaping the present.

Among the participating artists: Afra Al Dhaheri, Aisha Al Ahmadi, Alaa Idris, and Fadel Al Muhairi.

Meanwhile, Warehouse 421, located in the Abu Dhabi port area, will host Gilles Magee’s solo exhibition “The Weaving of the Pen” in partnership with the Emerging Art Institute.

The exhibition will continue until September 11th.

It also includes «421», the exhibition of the Master of Fine Arts program of New York University Abu Dhabi, which continues until August 21.

the complex

The Cultural Foundation in Abu Dhabi attracts lovers of culture and the arts through several artistic and cultural events, most notably the exhibition “Public Behaviors” by the Emirati plastic artist Farah Al Qasimi, residing in the United States, which includes photographic works and films that she worked on between 2012 and 2021.

Presented in chronological order, it explores the hierarchical layers of the multicultural consumer environment in the UAE.

Among the complex's activities is the exhibition of Emirati plastic artist, Mohammed Al-Ostad, entitled: "Another Perspective", through which the stadium displays his new artistic style that he added to international contemporary arts, which he called "The Art of Beaches Danat".

In addition to the exhibition "Journey to Mars", which represents a unique experience to celebrate the achievements of the UAE in the field of space, stimulate creativity, and inspire the young generation to work towards a bright future among the stars.

As visitors travel on a mission from Earth to space, and to Mars in particular, through many interesting and interesting stations.

The Cultural Complex also includes the exhibition "And the Light Between them", which will continue until July 17, and brings together artist Muhammad Kazem and poet Adel Khuzam, where they present 53 paper works that combine the interaction of poetry and light, to give a glimpse into the short fleeting moments of our daily lives.

The Arts Center of New York University Abu Dhabi will host a concert by Syrian clarinetist Kinan Al-Azma with City Band.

The center will also continue to host the exhibition "Virgin Genesis" until June 12th.

Among the events expected this month in Abu Dhabi, the concert that will be performed by Arab artist Mohammed Abdo on the occasion of the Music Festival in Abu Dhabi, on the 25th of this month in the "Etihad Arena" on Yas Island.

"Paper Tales"..continued

The exhibition “Paper Tales and Its Secrets” continues at the Louvre Abu Dhabi until July 24, and offers its visitors the opportunity to view about 100 works of art including books, manuscripts, drawings, a model of a house, 13 contemporary artworks and a collection of paper art installations. Most of these artworks come from Mathaf’s collections. The Louvre, along with works from 15 leading cultural institutions and a private group.

• “Cinemas” presents in its new session a group of films in Manarat Al Saadiyat in Abu Dhabi.

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