Text/Yangcheng Evening News reporter Ma Siyong Xu Zhentian map/Yangcheng Evening News reporter Ma Siyong

  During the Dragon Boat Festival, rice dumplings are fragrant from all over the world. While eating rice dumplings happily, many neighbors also have new troubles: how to classify rice dumpling boxes, rice dumpling ropes, rice dumpling leaves, and rice dumpling fillings, so that garbage can be disposed of accurately?

  On the eve of the Dragon Boat Festival, the reporter visited major supermarkets and found that merchants have different ways of packaging. In addition to the retail dumplings in regular ordinary plastic packaging, there are also various fancy dumpling gift boxes with paper boxes, bamboo and other materials as the outer packaging.

  The reporter combed and found that the outer packaging of zongzi of different materials is exquisitely classified.

Paper bag boxes and cartons of zongzi are recyclable materials, and these materials are suitable for recycling. They usually include uncontaminated paper products, plastic products that do not contain other impurities, and metal products whose whole or main body is metal.

The outer packaging box woven from bamboo material and not in direct contact with the zongzi food itself is also recyclable.

However, plastic packaging bags marked with specific production information and vacuum packaging bags that directly contact the zongzi food itself belong to other wastes, which are domestic wastes other than recyclable, hazardous waste and kitchen waste.

  For most neighborhoods, it is relatively easy to distinguish the types of rubbish from dumpling gift boxes and bags. What makes many neighborhoods troublesome is the delivery of zongzi ropes, zong leaves, and zong fillings. How should these garbage be classified?

  Neighbor Miss Liang thought: "The zong leaves peeled off directly from the glutinous rice of the zongzi and have stickiness and humidity, so they should belong to kitchen waste." In fact, it belongs to other garbage, while the glutinous rice and fillings of Zongzi belong to kitchen waste.

  Some neighbors said that in real life, there are still many foods that are difficult to distinguish between kitchen waste and other garbage.

The reporter combed and found that durian shells, oyster shells, uncut large bones, coconut shells, melon seed shells, etc. belonged to other garbage.

Kitchen waste generally refers to perishable domestic waste containing organic matter, such as vegetable stems and leaves, animal offal, melon and fruit peels, soup residue, meat and egg food, flowers, etc.

  In daily life, it is inevitable to encounter garbage items that are difficult to distinguish between categories. Neighbors can enter and inquire about the garbage to be placed through the WeChat applet of “Garbage Sorting Yangchengtong”.