Guangzhou Senior High School Entrance Exam will be held from June 20 to 22

The Municipal Admissions and Examination Office reminds: candidates and their co-residents do not need to leave Sui 14 days before the test

  Guangzhou Daily News (all media reporter Liu Xiaoxing correspondent Sui Kaoxuan) The 2022 Guangzhou Junior High School Academic Proficiency Test Admission and Scored Subject Written Test will be held from June 20 to 22.

The Guangzhou Municipal Admissions Office reminds that candidates and their co-residents do not have to leave Sui 14 days before the exam.

  No entry into the test center 15 minutes after the test starts

  According to relevant requirements, candidates should do daily personal protection, wear masks, wash hands frequently, ventilate more, maintain social distance, and not gather, so as to achieve "two points and one line" at home and school; do a good job in personal health monitoring, and truthfully fill in the "Guangzhou High School Entrance Examination Candidates" Personal Health Declaration and Safety Exam Commitment, which will be handed over to the staff of the test center on the first day of the test.

Candidates and their co-residents should not leave Guangzhou unless necessary 14 days before the test; cooperate with the registration point to do a good job of investigating the epidemic prevention information, take the initiative to report the epidemic situation to the registration point, and fill in their travel history outside the city and the epidemic situation on the high school entrance examination service platform. , candidates must provide a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours before the test starts on the first day of the test in order to successfully take the test.

Candidates who are still out of town should understand the relevant requirements for epidemic prevention and control in Guangzhou, return to the place where they apply for the examination 14 days before the examination, and manage according to the local epidemic prevention requirements and regulations, so as not to delay the examination.

If candidates fail to report their health status or information fraud within 14 days before the test due to personal reasons, or refuse to cooperate in completing the information survey, resulting in failure to take the test on time, the consequences shall be borne by the candidates themselves.

Candidates in the regular test center at the regular test center must wear a mask before entering the test center. After entering the test center, they can decide whether to continue to wear it; candidates in other types of test centers must wear masks throughout the whole process.

At the end of the exam, follow the invigilator's instructions and leave the venue in an orderly staggered manner.

  15 minutes after the start of the test for each subject, late candidates are prohibited from entering the test center to take the test for that subject.

If parents want to pick up and drop off test takers, they should obey the management of the public security and test center staff to avoid crowds gathering at the entrance of the test center.

  Do not bring contraband into the exam room

  Before entering the test, candidates should check whether they are carrying equipment with wireless communication functions (such as mobile phones, wireless headphones, smart watches, sports bracelets, etc.) Examination materials, etc.), check whether the admission ticket has handwriting other than the content of the admission ticket.

If there is, it should be taken out and stored as required before the test.

When entering the test room, cooperate with the invigilator to use a metal detector to check for prohibited items.

If prohibited items are found during the test, it will be treated as cheating in the test.

  Candidates must accurately fill in their own examinee number and name, paste the barcode in the place specified on the answer sheet, and do not make any marks elsewhere on the answer sheet.

It is necessary to use black writing pens, signature pens and 2B pencils in the designated answering area of ​​the answer sheet to answer or fill in and draw pictures in strict accordance with the requirements. Correction fluid, correction paper and correction tape are not allowed on the answer sheet. Answers on scratch paper or test papers are not valid.

  Candidates can start answering questions only after the test-opening signal is issued; after the test-ending signal is issued, candidates should immediately stop writing, put their hands down, and continue answering questions will be treated as a violation of the exam discipline.


  Candidates should maintain a regular work and rest schedule, pay attention to a balanced diet, adjust their mentality, maintain an optimistic mood, and pay attention to heatstroke prevention and cooling during the probationary examination and the examination.

  The Guangzhou senior high school entrance examination room is equipped with air conditioners. Candidates must keep warm to prevent the occurrence of colds, fever, etc. from catching a cold.

Candidates are advised to prepare a light jacket when going to the exam in case of emergency.

  Candidates are advised to pay attention to the weather changes during the exam, and prepare clothes and rain gear.