In the first station of "Kisei War", one of the eight major titles of shogi, Takuya Nagase (29) won the title by Souta Fujii (19) after two "repointing". We got off to a good start.

The first station of the fifth game of "Hulic Cup Kisei Match" was held at a hotel in Sumoto City, Hyogo Prefecture. ..

After 4:00 pm, the game became "Sennichite" in which the same situation was repeated four times in the 66th move, so it was "re-pointed" according to the regulations of the Japan Shogi Association.

And the game started again before 5 pm, but it was an unusual development that "Sennichite" was established again in the 53rd move and it was the second "repointing".

According to the Japan Shogi Association, it is the first time in 19 years and 7 months since the first station of the "Ryuo Battle" in October 2002 that "Repointing" was performed twice in "Sennichite" in the title battle. is.

The second "repointing" game, which started after 6 pm, proceeded at a good tempo by exchanging the "horns" of the big piece, but the first player, Gokan Fujii, almost used up his time first, and it was gradually difficult. It became a development.

Then, after 9:40 pm, the Fujii Gokan finished with 114 moves, and the Nagase throne made a good start to win the title by decorating the first match with a white star.

Kuroboshi in the title match of Fujii Gokan is the first in nine months since the 4th station of "Eiou Battle" in August last year (2021), which played against Masayuki Toyoshima 9th Dan (32), and the winning streak in the title match is " It stopped at "13".

The second station of "Hulic Cup Kisei Match" is scheduled to be held in Niigata City on the 15th of this month.

Nagase throne "The five crowns of Fujii taught me everything in one day."

Takuya Nagase (29), who won after two "re-pointing" in the first station of "Kisei", one of the eight major titles of shogi, said, "It is quite rare to point to three stations a day. Fujii Gokan taught me everything in one day. The second station is the first move, so I want to prepare to make use of it. "

Souta Fujii Five Crowns "It's been a long time since I was pointed to something I didn't notice."

On the other hand, Souta Fujii Gokan (19), who lost to the first station and stopped winning consecutive title games at "13", said, "I was pointed at a hand I wasn't aware of and thought about it for a long time. I couldn't do it, so I'd like to reflect on it and come next. "