China News Service, Guiyang, June 2 (Zhou Yanling and Yuan Chao) The reporter learned from the Guizhou Provincial Meteorological Observatory on the 2nd that from 8:00 on June 1 to 8:00 on June 2, there were heavy rainstorms in many places in Guizhou, among which Zhijinxiongjiachang The accumulated rainfall in the town reached 319.5 mm.

The heavy rain also appeared at 58 observation stations in 10 counties including Xishui, Dejiang, Zhijin and Songtao.

  The Guizhou Provincial Meteorological Bureau adjusted the level IV emergency response to meteorological disasters (heavy rain) to level III on June 2. The relevant units in the province and the meteorological bureaus of various cities and prefectures immediately entered the level III emergency response state, and strictly followed the meteorological disaster level III emergency response workflow. Do all the work.

A heavy rainstorm occurred in Dejiang County, Guizhou, and some areas were flooded.

Photo by Pan Yaying

  Songtao Miao Autonomous County, located in the northeastern part of Guizhou Province, from 20:00 on June 1 to 8:25 on June 2, there were 2 heavy rainstorms and 11 heavy rainstorms in the county, causing the water level of the Songjiang River to skyrocket and parked riverside vehicles. flooded, many people trapped.

  After receiving the alarm, the Songtao County Fire and Rescue Brigade was divided into four groups to carry out rescue, and used assault boats, life jackets and other equipment to fight continuously for more than 5 hours, successfully transferring the trapped people to a safe area.

As of 10:00 on June 2, the Songtao County Fire Rescue Brigade participated in the flood rescue 4 times, successfully rescued 7 trapped people and transferred more than 20 trapped people.

Songtao County Fire Rescue Brigade transferred trapped people.

Photo courtesy of Songtao County Fire Rescue Brigade

  The Guizhou Provincial Meteorological Observatory forecast at 8:00 on the 2nd: It is expected that from day to night on the 2nd, there will be heavy rain to heavy rain in Zunyi City, Tongren City, Guiyang City, eastern Bijie City, Anshun City, Qiannan Prefecture, and the central and northern parts of Qiandongnan Prefecture, and there will be local heavy rainstorms , and there are heavy rainstorms in some areas.

Zheng'an County in Guizhou was hit by heavy rain, and some roads and houses were damaged.

Photo by Luo Song

  In response to the severe rainstorms and floods in some parts of Guizhou since June 1, according to the "Guizhou Provincial Natural Disaster Emergency Plan", the Guizhou Provincial Disaster Reduction Office decided to urgently activate the provincial level IV natural disaster relief emergency response at 9:00 on June 2.