China News Service, Guangzhou, June 2 (Guo Junjie) The reporter learned from the railway department on the 2nd that during this year's Dragon Boat Festival holiday (June 2 to June 5), Guangzhou Railway plans to open 379 additional passenger trains, of which There are 257 EMU passenger trains and 122 ordinary-speed passenger trains; it is expected to send 4.6 million passengers in 4 days, an increase of 36.3% year-on-year, and an average of 1.15 million passengers per day. Among them, the highest day, June 3, is expected to send 1.4 million passengers. .

  According to the current situation of epidemic prevention and control, passenger demand and weather conditions during the flood season, Guangzhou Railway Group has implemented “one map per day”, and has flexibly and dynamically allocated capacity by opening weekend lines, resuming scheduled trains, and additionally opening scheduled peak trains. , accurately operate passenger trains to ensure smooth travel of passengers.

Guangzhou Railway's Dragon Boat Festival is expected to send 4.6 million passengers photo by Luo Min

  In order to meet the travel needs of passengers, in terms of high-speed rail, Guangzhou Railway has added 58 EMUs on the basis of the daily maps of Beijing-Guangzhou, Shanghai-Kunming, Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong high-speed railways, and opened 118 reconnected trains, mainly from Shenzhen North, Guangzhou South to Zhanjiang West, Changsha South, Yueyang East, Loudi South, Huaihua South, Shaoyang, Yongzhou, Wuhan, etc., Zhuhai to Meizhou West, Huaihua South, Shantou to Changsha South, Zhanjiang West, Changsha South to Futian, Shantou, Zhanjiang West, Huaihua South , Shaoyang, Tongren; 10 additional trains will be opened on the Hangzhou-Shenzhen Railway, from Shenzhen North to Guangzhou East, Guangzhou East to Shantou; on the Gui-Guangzhou Railway, 2 additional trains are planned to be added, between Guangzhou South and Huaiji .

  In terms of general-speed railways, 6 additional weekend lines will be opened, from Guangzhou to Nanxiong, Changsha to Yueyang; 4 additional peak lines will be opened, between Guangzhou and Pingshi.

  The increased operation of these trains will further enhance the transportation capacity between the major cities in the Pearl River Delta and between Hunan, Hubei, Guizhou and other regions during the holidays, bringing convenience to people traveling by rail.

  Judging from the current ticket sales situation, from June 2 to June 5, Guangzhou South Railway Station will go to Meizhou, Shantou, Nanning, Guiyang, Wuhan, and Zhengzhou, and Shenzhen North Railway Station and Shenzhen Railway Station will go to Nanjing, Beihai, Ganzhou, and Changsha. , Chongqing, Changsha South Railway Station, Changsha Railway Station to Shaoyang, Yueyang, Yongzhou, Dongkou, Huaihua, Jishou direction of the tickets are more popular, and there are plenty of remaining tickets for other directions.

  The railway department reminds: According to the requirements of the local epidemic prevention department, the majority of passengers who take the bus from Shenzhen must present the “Green Code” of the Guangdong Health Code and hold a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 72 hours before entering the station; Passengers traveling by car in Changsha area only need to present the health code "green code" and their body temperature does not exceed 37.3°C; passengers going to Beijing need to check the "Beijing Health Treasure" green code and a nucleic acid negative certificate within 48 hours; medium to high risk Passengers arriving in the region need to undergo a centralized nucleic acid test before leaving the station.