At 17:00 on June 1, an earthquake of magnitude 6.1 occurred near Lushan County, Ya'an City, Sichuan Province (30.37 degrees north latitude, 102.94 degrees east longitude), with a focal depth of 17 kilometers. It is a strong aftershock of the Lushan earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0.

As of 5:00 on June 2, a total of 4 people were killed in the earthquake, and various emergency rescue work is continuing.

  After the earthquake, the Sichuan Provincial Earthquake Relief Headquarters quickly launched a three-level earthquake emergency response, and urgently dispatched Ya'an City, Lushan County, and Baoxing County to understand the disaster situation.

At the same time, a working group led by the director of the Emergency Management Department was dispatched to the epicenter to guide the earthquake relief work, and dispatched the provincial fire brigade, the provincial forest fire brigade, professional production safety teams, the People's Liberation Army and the Armed Police Force, communication power, medical rescue, social rescue forces, etc. 16 emergency rescue teams with a total of 3,216 people, carrying more than 4,300 vehicles and equipment, arrived at Lushan and Baoxing earthquake areas, and carried out emergency rescue work together with more than 4,600 local rescue forces in Ya'an.

  In accordance with the requirements of "not missing a single household and leaving no one behind", the Sichuan Earthquake Relief Headquarters quickly formed a search and rescue team, and together with grass-roots cadres, rushed to townships and villages as soon as possible, and carried out inspections and rescues from house to house. Emergency evacuation of the masses, safe and orderly evacuation, and timely treatment of the injured.

As of 5:00 on the 2nd, 200 tents each, 1,000 quilts each, and 200 tent lamps have been dispatched to Lushan County and Baoxing County.

Professional technical forces were organized to carry out resettlement site planning and site selection, safety assessment and construction management, and 61 resettlement sites (34 in Baoxing County and 27 in Lushan County) were set up, and 12,722 people affected by the disaster were urgently transferred and resettled.

  In addition, the Provincial Emergency Response Department, together with relevant departments, has organized the investigation of hidden dangers of secondary earthquake disasters. At present, 69 vehicles, 236 professional and technical personnel, and 37 drones and other equipment have been invested in 1,953 earthquake-stricken areas and surrounding areas. Emergency investigation and disaster prevention measures were carried out at the hidden danger points of geological disasters to strictly prevent the disaster risk of "earthquake + rainfall".

At the same time, it is highly alert for secondary environmental emergencies, strengthens environmental emergency monitoring at key points such as drinking water sources and national and provincial test sections, and checks 251 reservoirs, 81 hydropower stations and other water conservancy projects and facilities for hidden dangers, and 5 hydropower stations were damaged. All personnel have been evacuated.

  It is understood that the disaster caused three county roads of Lushan County, Lushuang Road, Lutai Road and Danan Road, and many broken roads of National Highway 351 in Baoxing County. In the case of damage to important infrastructure such as water supply, 514 people and 74 vehicles were dispatched to carry out emergency power repair work. 394 communication support personnel and 103 support vehicles were dispatched to make every effort to restore the communication base station. At present, the main line of the line has all been restored. Communication services were not significantly affected.

  (Headquarters reporter Oriole)