The new paperback edition of Harry Potter is here!

  The reporter recently learned from the People's Literature Publishing House that the new paperback version of "Harry Potter" has officially launched a seven-volume set. A surprise.

  In the 22 years since the publication of the "Harry Potter" series, the Humanities Society has always paid attention to the development of various editions and peripheral books. The various editions of "Harry Potter" books have accompanied generations of Chinese fans, becoming the A bridge for young people to perceive the beauty of literature and the beauty of translation.

Among the editions launched this year, especially the new paperback edition of "Harry Potter", all seven volumes are worth looking forward to.

The paperback edition has undergone two updates since it was first published in 2000.

  According to the editor in charge, the design of the new paperback version of "Harry Potter" is full of details in the cover illustration in Brian Selznick's black and white sketch style, which together form a complete painting.

The new edition not only changes the cover and layout, but also reflects the latest revisions of the book editors and translators.

  So far, the Humanities Society has published paperback editions, hardcover editions, bilingual editions, full-color picture books, 20-volume editions of "Harry Potter" books, as well as derivatives or peripherals such as the "Hogwarts Library" series books.

It is reported that in order to meet the richer and more personalized needs of fans, in addition to the seven new paperback editions of "Harry Potter", a new cover version of "Harry Potter and the Cursed" has been released. children", and the accompanying book "Harry Potter: A Year of Magic and More," illustrated by Jim Kay, and more.

  Yangzi Evening News/Ziniu News reporter Huang Yanwen