After Cui Jian's online concert last month attracted 45 million viewers, the video concert again released a big move in the "520" festival about "love" - ​​on the evening of May 20, Jay Chou "Magic Tianlun 2013 Concert" "Rescreen" once again swiped the circle of friends.

Although the word "re-screening" made many fans ridiculed as "the scene of the MV screening of large-scale discs", it did not affect the 26 million people "paying for" this Zhou's feelings.

  On the evening of May 20, Jay Chou's re-screening concert included more than 20 classic songs including "The Last Battle", "All the Way North", "Tornado" and "Nunchuck".

On the evening of the 21st, the re-screened "The Strongest 2019 Concert on the Surface" continued to be staged on the video account.

  Why Jay Chou?

  Previously, once the news of Jay Chou's concert landing on Tencent Video was released, the popularity remained high.

The data shows that since the appointment was opened on May 17, the search index of the three words "Jay Chou" has been rising, and fans have become active in major social media, posting screenshots of the appointment interface, and watching the live broadcast together.

  As we all know, "urging songs" to Jay Chou is a topic that fans never get tired of. Jay Chou's last concert was 3 years ago, and his latest album was 6 years ago.

Now a concert, even if it is just a "replay", seems to be a grand carnival for fans under the epidemic.

  Even many viewers who "leave the scene" after watching it for a while commented: The replay is not sincere.

  It is true that the video account chose to re-screen Jay Chou's concert at this time, which is also at the right time and place.

In addition to the big IP attributes of "Jay Chou" itself, it is obvious that his friend Liu Genghong has been promoted to the top stream of live broadcasts and "Compendium of Materia Medica" has topped the major music charts. multiple business value.

On the day of "love" on May 20, it can be said that it is a matter of course to present a Jay Chou concert to fans.

  On the other hand, Tencent Music is undoubtedly the "strongest on the surface" in the "war" for many years of music copyright disputes, and in the many battles between it and NetEase Cloud Music, the copyright of Jay Chou's songs has always been the core focus. .

Previously, cover journalists had conducted many in-depth interviews on the music copyright dispute.

It is understood that the head music headed by Jay Chou, Mayday, etc. occupies extremely high traffic with a very small number. It can almost be said that "the one who wins Jay Chou wins the world", which is true.

  As early as 2019, Tencent issued the "Statement on Giving Up the Exclusive License of Music Copyright", and in the following two years, it has been frequently reported that major music platforms will cancel the word "exclusive".

This has caused a lot of shock in the music circle, and musicians have speculated whether Jay Chou can "return" to NetEase Cloud?

Clearly, exclusive rights go a long way.

Open NetEase Cloud Music, click on the track in Jay Chou's song, and still get "This resource is temporarily unavailable, we are working hard for the song to return".

Therefore, Tencent Music has no rival for "Jay Chou".

  As many industry insiders speculate, in the current situation where short video platforms such as Douyin Kuaishou are already "overcooked", the Tencent video account can emerge in a short period of time, and it will be divided into three points of one mu, relying on the songs of top-notch singers. Full control of copyright.

A "replayed" Jay Chou concert is a concentrated display of the exclusive copyright of Jay Chou's songs and the ability of the video account to gain a foothold.

 Online performances usher in an explosion

  Affected by the epidemic, online performances have been dormant for two years, and finally ushered in an outbreak in 2022.

In fact, since 2020, online performances in various fields have been launched in various ways.

Music platforms, film and television platforms, and technology companies have entered the game one after another. From the perspective of viewing traffic, as long as it is not paid, the effect is mostly good.

The online performances that have been out of the circle in recent times have all been watched live from the video account.

  Not long ago, the link to Cui Jian's concert directly exploded the circle of friends.

The peak viewing volume exceeded 45 million, the number of likes exceeded 110 million, and the number of comments exceeded 170,000.

This data also refreshed the viewing record of the live concert on the video account.

  In December last year, the Xicheng Boys' online concert, which attracted countless netizens "Ye Qing Hui", attracted more than 27 million viewers. The most important thing was the nationwide discussion, which really made the entertainment industry, which was frustrated by the epidemic, overjoyed.

On April 1 this year, fans realized their wish to meet Leslie Cheung across time and space. The strong fan power gathered also made the concert more explosive, and at the same time showed the application of the combination of new technology and live broadcast.

  "Looking forward to the real offline concert!" This is a sentence that many people who leave comments on Jay Chou's online performance will definitely mention.

  If it is said that the "recording" of Cui Jian's online concert can still attract fans with feelings, Jay Chou's reliance on "replay" to gain traffic is obviously "insincere".

But the 22 million viewership data seems to be telling the outside world that whether it is live broadcast, recording or even replay, what people need is not how to sing and what to sing, but an opportunity for a large-scale carnival.

  Cover reporter Xu Yuyang