Louise Bernard, with Alexis Patri 10:40 a.m., May 31, 2022

According to information from our colleagues from the newspaper "Le Parisien - Today in France", TV host Cyril Féraud will lead a new program on France 2, from the start of the media season next September.

This game program, entitled "100% Logic", had been in the cards for two years.

Cyril Féraud and France 2 are already preparing for the start of the school year.

The TV host will soon be at the head of a new show, according to information from our colleagues from the newspaper

Le Parisien – Today in France


Cyril Féraud is about to record four issues of a new game called

100% Logique


This programme, adapted from a BBC format, was announced two years ago.

It was then to be called

Le club des


and was to be presented by Laurence Boccolini.

This time, the shootings will really begin.

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Questions accessible to 90% to 1% of French people


100% Logic

, candidates will not answer general knowledge questions, as is often the case in game shows.

To win, they will have to answer logic questions, as the final name of the program suggests.

Le Parisien

specifies that the difficulty of the questions will increase as the game progresses. At the beginning, these will be easy questions, which 90% of French people would be able to answer.

At the end, only 1% of French people will theoretically be able to find the right answer, hence the name that had been provisionally chosen for the show.

The winner of

100% Logique will 

win the tidy sum of 100,000 euros.